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Add some new tea and its products. These new teas are offered in different ways. You must receive this letter before you can buy it from the designated store.

Permissions and credits
1.0.0:Greatly thanks to Liuziang who provided partial images.
1.In order to avoid crush with teas of other mods,I added hyphens to the default name of the tea.
 2.The images of tea and tea seeds was optimized.Greatly thanks to Cadd286 who provided optimized images.
Add Korean translation. Greatly thanks to tpgml for Korean translation。 

English introduction:
  1. This mod adds some new tea seeds and new tea.
  2.  On the appointed day of the first year, someone will send you a letter.After receiving the letter, you can go to its designated store to buy tea tree seeds.
  3. These tea trees are different from the original tea.It need to water. But when you plant it near the water, you don't have to water it.
  4. Different tea has different effects.
  5. In fact,My original plan was to add the whole process of making tea to this mod.However, for many reasons, only subsequent versions can be added and upgraded.
  1. The machine that makes tea is still the original keg.
  2. In fact, in reality, the color of tea is always due to fermentation time and fried tea time.In reality, the color of tea trees is actually similar.
  1. 这个mod添加了一些新茶种子和新茶.
  2. 在第一年的特定日子里有人会给你信.当你收到信之后,你可以到信里指定的商店买种子.
  3. 这些茶的设定不同于原版茶的设定,它需要浇水,但是当你把它种在水边,就不用浇水了.
  4. 不同的茶有不同的效果.
  5. 事实上我本来的计划是还原整个制茶过程.但是由于很多原因(高考),只能在以后的更新版本中再添加升级。
  6. 欢迎加入工作室,QQ群号码:819623884
  1. 制作茶的机器依然是原版的酒桶。
  2. 在现实中,茶的颜色通常是由于发酵时间和炒茶时间决定的,在现实中茶的颜色很多时候都差不多.