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A standalone version of the artifact expansion to my larger mod, Trinkets To Treasures. SVE and Vanilla Compatible.

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VERSION 2.0 is out now!!

2.0 brings much needed changes to the mod by increasing the sell prices of every item substantially! Now, the machines aren't just there to give you something else to do with your artifacts, but will hopefully give you money making opportunities that compete with farming, fishing, and mining!


This mod is almost identical to the artifact expansion of my larger mod, Trinkets To Treasures. I'm providing this mod for those that don't want the events, machines, and items that are part of the jewelry section for that mod. Please do NOT use this mod and the complete mod together. They will conflict.

This mod will allow  you to do more with artifacts once you've collected all of them for the Museum. Finding artifacts is fun while you still need to fill out the Museum, but it loses it's charm once that's over. There's just not much else to do with them other than sell them for a small profit. This mod is my attempt to change that by making artifacts a more meaningful part of the game. 

There is a total of three new machines that can take any artifact in the game and turn it into a display piece that you can then either place in your farmhouse or sell for a much nicer profit than what you can get for the base items themselves. Along with the machines is a new event, new character interactions, and new quests that help to make this mod feel like it belongs in the game. I've also adjusted the price of all the artifacts to keep the game balanced (hopefully), but you can toggle them off if you would rather use the base prices or another mods prices.

For those that would like to know, the mod starts when:


To Install:

Drop Trinkets To Treasures - Artifacts into mods folder.


Thank you to kittyjoker for all your help on VERSON 2.0!