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This is a magical machine.You can get gems from it, or you can get some ancient objects. Even some precious seeds.Maybe even get some interesting items. But remember that Game Coin are essential.

Permissions and credits
  1. Some details have been optimized. 
  2. More items can be got. 
  3. Some items' produce rate has been adjusted. 
1.0.2:Korean translation has been added. Grately thanks to jina2ya.
Optional:A machine will be generated in the casino.You can use clubcoins to buy game coins through it.Greatly thanks to jina2ya who made STF file and TMX file.
When you and Gus became good friends, He'll tell you he found a magic machine from the next town. 
  1. The name of this machine is Gashapon Machines.
  2. You can buy Gashapon Machines and its recipe from Gus. 
  3. Gashapon Machines needs Game Coin to be used. 
  4. The Game Coin can be obtained by recycling trash from the recycling machine.
  1. 这个机器的名字叫扭蛋机。
  2. 你可以从格斯那里买到扭蛋机和它的配方。
  3. 扭蛋机需要游戏币才可以使用。
  4. 游戏币可以通过在回收机中回收垃圾来获得。
  5. 欢迎加入工作室,QQ群号码:819623884
Specially thanks to Cadd286 who provided images.