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Cooking recipes designed to complement existing crop mods including SSaturn's Tropical Farm, Bonster's Crops, and/or PPJA packs.

Permissions and credits
If you, like me, can't get enough of crop mods, you've probably got a ton of them installed already. Well this mod makes use of that and adds new, Oriental-themed cooking recipes based on which crop mods you have installed.

I highly recommend you to have all the crop mods listed under the requirements in order for all the new recipes to show up, however if too many mods are slowing down your gaming experience or for any other reason you don't want to/can't download everything, you can pick and choose which mods to have installed based on the details below.

* Json Assets
* Spacecore

** Producer Framework Mod
** Mail Framework Mod
** SSaturn's Tropical Farm
*** [PPJA] Fruits & Veggies for Json Assets
*** [PPJA] More Trees for Json Assets
*** [PPJA] Artisan Valley Machine Goods
*** [PPJA] Fresh Meat or Animal Husbandry Mod
*** Bonster's Crops

* Mod will not run without this
** Required as they contain basic frameworks and objects
*** Highly recommended but not required. Some recipes will not show up if you don't have this mod installed

~ Note ~
PPJA Fresh Meat adds meat crops to the game such as beef, chicken, and pork. These meats are used as ingredients in some recipes. The Animal Husbandry Mod also adds these meats via "butchering" or "exchanging" your farm animals. So if you want Oriental Kitchen meat recipes to show up in your game, you need to have at least one of those two mods installed (you do not need both, but you can have both installed).

Used and tested with Bonster's Recipes, Hisame's New Recipes, Minakie's Recipes, and all latest PPJA packs including all recipe add-ons such as Cannabis Kit, More Recipes, Even More Recipes, Khadija's Recipe Shop, etc. Please notify me of any future incompatibilities.

My sprites aren't the best, so feel free to re-sprite as long as you link back.

This mod adds:

- 48 new cooking recipes consisting of 33 foods, 10 drinks, and 5 unconsumable cooking ingredients. All food and beverages come with custom gifting preferences as well as their own buffs. To balance out the game-play, they are all generally harder to make in terms of obtaining all the required ingredients. The more/higher the buffs, the more and harder ingredients you will need to make them.

Some recipes must be purchased at Sandy's shop. Some recipes are known by default, some are learnt when you have improved certain skills, and some recipes are sent to you through mail once you have reached a certain relationship level with Sandy and fulfilled certain shipping requirements. Discover them in-game or see the spoiler tag for details. Hint: If you're ever lucky enough to receive a gift from Sandy in the mail, pay attention to the crops she mentions!


- 9 new PFM cooking ingredients. These are ingredients that are produced using certain machines. Most can also be purchased at Sandy's shop. Discover them in-game or see the spoiler tag for details.


I hope to migrate all new recipes and cooking ingredients to a new, custom NPC so as not to clutter Sandy's shop so much. This is currently beyond my skill set and I'll probably need a lot of help if it's ever going to happen.

I might also add more recipes in the future, and am open to suggestions/requests of oriental foods and drinks.

Download and extract SSaturn's Oriental Kitchen and drop the entire folder into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

[[ WARNING: The following optional steps are not recommended unless you know what you're doing ]]

You can delete some [JA] sub-folders if you don't have the relevant PPJA / Bonster's Crops mods installed. Eg. If you do not have Bonster's Crops installed, you can delete the [JA] ORIENTAL KITCHEN WITH BONSTER'S CROPS and/or [JA] ORIENTAL KITCHEN WITH ASSORTED PACKS sub-folders.

This is purely optional and only helps to keep the file size as small as possible. The mod will still run even if you keep all sub-folders without having all crop mods installed (SMAPI will give you the red "These mods could not be added to your game"  notification, and the pesky yellow "no object found" or "no idea what 'x' is" messages, but it doesn't otherwise affect your game other than the respective recipes/objects/mail not showing up).

Sometimes recipes that are learnt automatically with skill increases (eg. Ebi Tempura, learnt at Fishing skill level 3) will not show up with the skill increase notification pop-up when you go to sleep for the night. As a result, the recipe is still unknown to your character even though you have met the required skill level. However, if you exit to the title / desktop and restart your saved game file, the recipe will now be known by the character.

Huge thanks to paradigmnomad for their help regarding permissions, the PPJA team for their hard work in creating these amazing content packs, digus for the Animal Husbandry Mod, and of course rjgilber for making Bonster's Crops available for us all.