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Adds power and water requirements to machines as well as several new machines for generating power or making processing items that can be used to generate power

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This mod adds power requirements to the machines of the original industrialization mod as well as new resources for those machines. Several ideas shamelessly stolen from Factorio

New Machines

Electric Generator
A generator that's more powerful than the combustion generator, but doesn't produce any batteries. Instead, it produces Ash as a waste product. Can use Batteries, Coal, Refined oils, and Solid Fuel.

Battery Charger
Creates batteries by using power from the grid. Takes significantly less time than coal generator or Solar generator

Nuclear Generator
Uses Radioactive Metal Bars or Refined Uranium to create power. As Radioactive metal is a very late game item, it creates a massive amount of energy that lasts for a very long time.

Chemical Processing Machine
Processes various items to so you can use them to generate power. Refines Heavy Oil and Light Oil, turns radioactive metal into Refined Uranium, and makes Solid Fuel out of Coal.

Oil Drill
Extracts Oil from the ground once a day. Can get either Light Oil or Heavy Oil

Solar Generator
Moved from the original mod. Creates power+batteries

New functionality

Recycling Machine
Can now make bricks from Ash

Auto Miner
No longer requires batteries

New Items

Solid Fuel
Made from coal.

Waste product from the Electric Generator. Can be used to make bricks in the Recycling Machine.

Depleted Uranium
Waste product from the Nuclear Generator.

Heavy Oil
One of two types of oil you can get from the Oil Drill. Needs to be processed in the Chemical Processor to be used.

Light Oil
The second type of oil you can get from the Oil Drill. Needs to be processed in the Chemical Processor to be used.

Refined Heavy Oil
Made from Heavy Oil in the Chemical Processor. Takes longer to process and is less efficient than Refined Light Oil, but gives power for longer

Refined Light Oil
Made from Light Oil in the Chemical Processor. Takes less time to process than Heavy Oil

Refined Uranium
Radioactive metal that is refined in the Chemical Processor. Increases the time the Nuclear Reactor can produce power.

The waste products solely exists so that the mod works nice with PFM and automate. Not having an output makes things kind of wonky.

If you can, please comment on the balance. Everyone's game is different, especially modded, but if a large portion of people want something buffed/nerfed I can do that fairly easily.

Shoutout to yankonnin on Fiverr for the assets. I am incapable of making art so having him make assets for me was a huge help. I only made the solid fuel which is basically just a cube that is mostly just ripped off of the item of the same name in factorio lmao.

Machines without an input doing their animations anyway while not powered is a known bug that I don't really know the answer to.