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Adds many new and balanced crops to the game, as well as a large number of recipes for those crops. Rigorously tested in both debug and a save file in multiplayer and in single player, this mod should add more variety to the produce you grow. Further expansions are planned to make this a true overhaul!

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A crop and cooking mod that will greatly expand the types of produce that you can grow, as well as plenty of new, wonderful recipes for those crops! This mod should now work with 1.6!

If you've ever found yourself thinking; "Man, I wish there were even more crops for me to grow!" This mod is for you. I've been developing it on and off since at least 2017 and I'm ready to finally release it to the world.

If you feel like providing feedback about balance or whatever else, let me know! I'm always open to criticism and would greatly appreciate feedback!


  • Six new crops for every season, including winter!
  • One new fruit tree for every season, including winter!
  • One nut tree for every season, yes, including winter!
  • 50+ New cooking recipes, delivered via a cooking magazine mailed to you every Monday and Friday! (After you get the subscription.)
  • New production machines for nuts and other items!
  • Two secret crops and a secret recipe or two!

A few things to note:
  • Crops are added to the shipment list, and therefore need to be completed for those related achievements.
  • The same for cooking recipes and the related achievements.
  • All NPCs in the game that you can gift, including ones added in 1.5 but not yet 1.6, have gift preferences for these items.
  • All the crop and recipe sprites were done by me, with a handful using a few repurposed objects from the base game.
  • You can purchase the new crops (season by season) and saplings (year round) at the special box marked "PH" in Pierre's.

I like to keep things spoiler free, but
if you want to know what crops/recipes this adds, the new machine outputs, or how to access the magazine subscription, you can see the list below. (Those marked with a "T" are trellis, and can't be walked through.)


Spring Crops: Lentil, Raspberry (T), Watermelon, Carrot, Field Pea, Asparagus, Kumquat (Tree), Walnut (Tree)
Summer Crops: Onion, Basil, Currant, Dragon Fruit (T), Bell Pepper, Cucumber (T), Guava (Tree), Almond (Tree)
Fall Crops: Peanut, Soy, Quince, Huckleberry, Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, Pear (Tree), Chestnut (Tree)
Winter Crops: Parsley, Broccoli, Chard, Lettuce, Elderberry (T), Silver Gourd, Persimmon (Tree), Pistachio (Tree)

Machines are given as recipes by Robin for 3, 4, 5, and 6 hearts.
Nuts placed in the Processor will make Nut Butter.
Nuts and Soy placed in the Blender will make Nut Milk.
Vegetables and Fruits placed in the Blender will make Smoothies.
Nut Milk placed in a Cheese Press will make Dairy-Free cheese.
Peanuts, almonds, and walnuts placed in the Oil Maker will make Oil.

You can access the magazine by reaching 1 heart of friendship with Gus.

For the secret items, I won't be posting them here. And be wary of the comments or mod files, because there will likely be spoilers. I won't be hiding or removing those comments, because I don't want to keep people from the info if they want it, but come on guys, there's got to be a little suspense, yeah?

AS FOR FUTURE PLANS - Obviously more bug fixes and improvements to 1.6 compatibility. A big update is planned for now, though I'm pretty unsure of how to tackle it. For now, I'm going to focus on developing the next expansion to crops, fishing, and foraging if possible.


-Translation Guidelines-

If you wish to help with translating my mod, please remember the following:
  • For the object translations, please either send me a document with the translations for each item or modify the latest version's JSON files in the localization sections. I'm currently working on adding an i18n compatible JSON folder for the JA section, but it's in progress.
  • For the Shop Tile Framework section, you can just send me a text document with the quote translation and I'll add it to the JSON.
  • For the Mail Framework Mod section, there is a default i18n file and folder containing everything you need to translate, go ahead and make a copy of the default, rename it to the language you're translating to as demonstrated here, and fill that puppy out to be included.
  • DO NOT UPLOAD A NEW VERSION TO THE NEXUS. This will not only make usage of the mod more difficult for those you're translating for, it means the translations don't work for new updates. PLEASE PM ME INSTEAD. REST ASSURED YOU WILL GET FULL CREDIT FOR THE TRANSLATION.
  • Finally, realize how grateful I am for the help in translating my mod to your language. It's seriously cool y'all are willing to help.

V1.4.1 - Adjusted the max harvest bonus from farmer level for the multi-yield crops to address a current bug with JSONAssets that makes crops yield bonkers numbers of crops. Right now it's been set to the minimum bonus to still provide a benefit, even it it can be a little much.
V1.4.0 - Brought 1.6 compatibility to Plentiful Harvest!
  • Removed Shop Tile Framework as a requirement, as it is now depreciated. Shops are now handled by Content Patcher.
  • Updated other aspects of the mod to be compliant/compatible with 1.6 so that it actually, you know, works.
V1.3.1 - Fixed an issue that caused a particular object to be unable to drop from their intended monster.
V1.3.0 - Fixed the rest of the mislabeled objects (hopefully) and integrated the German translation, thank you Vanessa006
V1.2.4 - Fixed a problem with a few objects that were labeled as drinks, like the Cheeseburger, Caramel, Hot Dog, and Spicy Squash Taco
V1.2.3 - Fixed production machines that would make objects in 10 minutes due to an improper JSON line, all production times should now be correct.
V1.2.2 - Includes new sounds for the production machines to give them a better world feel and changes Smoothies to Artisan Goods so that they can be logged in the collections properly.
V1.2.1 - Includes corrections for the Chinese translations courtesy of SHIZHI01420142 and adds gift tastes to all items that were previously missing them.
V1.2.0 - Several big fixes and improvements, including;
  • Chinese Translation, courtesy of SHIZHI01420142!
  • Added a patch courtesy of the same that can be applied that changes the visuals of the PH Store.
  • Fix to the files that should correct non-supported languages showing as blank, they should now show English.
  • Added dye and color context tags to all items that were missing them.
  • Removed production rules for vanilla game machines to improve compatibility.
  • Added 4 new production machines specific to this mod to make up for the loss of vanilla machine functionality.
  • Added Smoothies
V1.1.3 - Fixed an issue with the Pear Crisp recipe not being properly delivered.
V1.1.2 - Improved general compatibility for maps, fixed one of the mail entries, and made other changes as follows;
  • Huckleberry seeds now cost 150G, and sell for 70G
  • Lentil seed price was reduced to 34G
  • Sweet Potato seed price reduced to 20G
  • Peanuts can now be used in Oil Makers to make Oil.
V1.1.1 - Added Russian translation courtesy of 6squad and added i18n file structure for MFM section translations.
V1.1.0 - Universal Compatibility Update released!
  • Updated the name/ids of every single item and rule to make PH items completely unique while keeping their name generic.
  • Cleaned up a few of my sprites and gave them a facelift.
V1.0.0 - Initial release of the mod!

AS OF RIGHT NOW I BELIEVE 1.6 REQUIRES A NEW SAVE FOR PLENTIFUL HARVEST TO WORK PROPERLY! All of your crops and trees will likely break/show as errors and all the recipes are a little out of whack anyway, so please be careful! If you must, use Console Commands to retrieve any objects/recipes you lost!

PLENTIFUL HARVEST SHOULD BE FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH ANY AND ALL JA MODS LIKE PPJA AND OTHER MODS TOO!! Please still let me know if there are any conflicts (somehow). NOTE: When updating the mod from V1.0.0 to V1.1.0+, all your currently grown Plentiful Harvest trees and crops will disappear, as well as any Plentiful Harvest items left in storage containers and your inventory. Additionally, your Plentiful Harvest cooking recipes will be reset. In order to avoid any issues, this update is best played on a new save. If you must update on a current save, you can add the cooking recipes back one by one by typing "debug cookingrecipe recipe name (ph)" without the quotation marks into SMAPI's console.

Any mod that changes the inside of Pierre's may also cause issues. Be sure to let me know and I'll see if I can make a patch. AS OF RIGHT NOW, STARDEW VALLEY EXPANDED NO LONGER NEEDS A SEPARATE PATCH, AND GENERAL MAP COMPATIBILITY SHOULD BE INCREASED.

Plentiful Harvest has been confirmed to work with the following mods by me (1.5, still testing 1.6 compatibility but they SHOULD WORK):

  • Project Populate JSONAssets (PPJA, should be all versions)
  • Stardew Valley Expanded
  • The Love of Cooking
  • Ridgeside Village
  • Nuka World
  • Krobus Relationship Changes

You can follow the guide below to install this mod. Make sure to have all the dependencies! (No Longer Including Shop Tile Framework!)

  • Install SMAPI (Stardew Modding API).
  • Install all required mods, including Content Patcher, Spacecore, Mail Framework Mod, and Producer Framework Mod.
  • Download and extract my mod .zip folder, including any relevant patches from the optional files.
  • Drag and drop ALL 4 mod folders into your Stardew Valley Mod Folder (\Stardew Valley\Mods). IF UPDATING FROM 1.0.0 TO 1.1.0+ MAKE SURE TO DELETE THE OLD FILES COMPLETELY FIRST!
  • Drag and drop any optional patches you need after you install the main file.
  • Run Stardew Valley through SMAPI and check for any errors. (I would also either start a test file or load a save to see if SMAPI throws errors.)

6squad (Ghost3lboom, Sunbeam135 and Snyashy) - For the Russian translation, thank you guys so so much!
SHIZHI01420142 - For the Chinese Translation! You're awesome!
Vanessa006 - For the German Translation! I'm absolutely thrilled!

Check out my other mods, Krobus Relationship Changes and Nuka-World! ... If ya' want to.

If you feel like donating a little bit, any support helps! Buy me a coffee if it pleases you.