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Recolor of Cel's Sheep for Kaya's Cotton Candy Sheep mod.

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So, I like having consistency in my game. I have found so many wonderful sprites and custom animals that I can't help but want them all... But then I end up having a huge fustercluck of differing styles. So, I decided to fix that!

This is the first of (what I hope to be) a series of integrations that make different custom animals match certain sprite sets. This is Cel's Sheep recolored for Kaya's Cotton Candy Sheep. While you only have to download the Cotton Candy Sheep mod, I highly suggest you download Cel's Sheep as well. They're too cute! And also the whole point of this is to make the cotton candy sheep match Cel's original.

Thank you so much for downloading!

Edit: I might add a BFAV version and/or an Adopt 'n' Skin version later.

Edit 2: the lovely asunai2 did the work for me to make a BFAV version here! I'm working on a different mod now, so I won't be making an Adopt 'n' Skin/Alternate Texture version for a bit longer.