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Hydroponics, Aquaponics, you name it! Advanced Farming introduces real life farming advances to Stardew Valley! The mod adds mid/end-game farming options when your Greenhouse just isn't cutting it anymore <3.

Permissions and credits
Be sure to take a look at the big sticky post in the posts section for an in-depth guide on how the mod works! Courtesy of Skyrazer <3

Update 10/15/2020: I've been inactive for a very long time and I want you all to know that I've been coming back here and there to check comments and stuff at least twice a month. Uni's pretty hard right now because of Corona and I really wanna focus on my studies atm. I'll be back once everything blows over, until then I hope you are all safe and well. Thank you so much for playing the mod and tell me if you have any suggestions! The code is open source so you can tailor it to how you want the mod to perform, again I'm really grateful to all of you. The response really lifted my spirits to really do well in my studies and get back to working on my first mod (this mod). Thank you and to good bounties gents!



!!!If you want to know the requirements for the bigcraftables and objects, refer to sticky post. (SPOILER WARNING)!!! 

Update 1.3.2:
Localization for Japanese, thank you so much @TwelveYO!

Update 1.3.1:
Localization for Chinese, thank you so much @Wynix223!

Fixed eggplant issue for seeling trays.

Update 1.3.0:
BigCraftables - Advanced Farming Workbench, Aeroponics Tower, Aquaponics Aquarium, Aquarium Breeding Tank, Aquarium Filter, Hydroponics System, Large Hydroponics System, Raised Bed, and Seedling Tray

Object - Aeroponics Tower Base, Aeroponics Tower Frame, Coconut Biomass, Frame Components, Glycerol, Hydroponics Tray, Pipes, Plastic Bar, Polluted Aquarium Water, Raw Bio Plastic, Seedling Bag, Seedlings, Water Pump, and Water Tank.

Added Custom Crafting Stations Framework, a framework that allows modders to create their own exclusive crafting pages using BigCraftables. (Works with PFM too!)
Added Intermediate Components, these are craftables specifically intended to make crafting recipes a bit more complex.
Added a new way to craft the mod's recipes, the Advanced Crafting Workbench works as a separate crafting page so as to avoid main crafting page clutter. (Thanks Chronicler Cherry!).
Reworked the sprite for Biomass, Liquid Fertilizer, and Potent Biomass.
Complete rework of the whole Hydroponics system and used the sprite for Raised Beds. Hydroponics only work inside while Raised Beds can only work outside.
Fixed Potent Biomass recipe issue.


Hydroponics System - A small hydroponics system with two Trays for growing plants indoors. It's independent water tank and closed loop system allow for full control of nutrients. Demetrius 4 Hearts/Fall/Year 2

To use the Hydroponics System, you need to put the desired seed into the seedling tray and put the output of the seedling tray (seedling bags) into the hydroponics system alongside fertilizers.

Advanced Farming Workbench - A larger workbench for crafting complex farming tools. Denetrius 2 Hearts/ Fall/ Year 1

Aquaponics Aquarium - An Aquarium with inlets and outlets designed to work in Aquaponics systems. Houses multiple fish whose waste can subsequently be refined into fertilizers. Demetrius 8 Hearts/ Spring/Year 3

Aquarium Breeding Tank - A small semi-independant tank used to breed fish and produce Roe. Place adjacent to an Aquarium. Demetrius 8 Hearts/ Spring/Year 3

Aquarium Filter - An Aquarium Filter for automatically cleaning Aquariums, periodically creating Fertilizer. Place adjacent to an Aquarium. Demetrius 8 Hearts/ Spring/Year 3

Aeroponics Tower - An Aeroponics Tower fitted with plant slots on the outside and nozzles on the inside spraying nutrient solution. Configured to grow multi harvest crops. Demetrius 8 Hearts/ Spring/Year 3

Raised Bed - A raised bed that has artificial soil to allow for full control of nutrients. Demetrius 2 Hearts /Fall/ Year 1

Rock Smasher - A machine for making Sand and Silt by smashing Stones. *For now ;)* Demetrius 2 Hearts / Fall / Year 1

Compost Bin - For all your Fertilizer needs! Now you don't have to suffer getting those fertilizer with these advanced methods! Demetrius 4 Hearts / Spring / Year 2

Seedling Tray - A vertically stacked trays of seedlings. Used to control the early stages of plant growth. Demetrius 2 Hearts /Fall/ Year 1

Fish Hatchery - Ever wondered how there's just an infinite amount of fishes in the River? Wanted to make meals out of fish but you're too lazy to play the fishing mini-game? Well no more! Using Aquarium and Fish Hatchery, you can grow your own fishies! *Tiger Trout still can't be grown ;)* Demetrius 8 Hearts / Spring/ Year 3

Mixer - A way to get those high-end liquid fertilizers that you can use for Hydroponics Bed and whatnot! Demetrius 4 Hearts / Spring / Year 2

Intermediate Components: Aeroponics Tower Base, Aeroponics Tower Frame, Frame Components, Hydroponics Tray, Glycerol, Plastic Bar, Raw Bioplastic, Pipes, Sandy Loam, Water Pump and Water Tank.
Items: Biomass, Coconut Biomass, Polluted Aquarium Water, Sand, Silt, Seedling Bag, and Seedlings

Next Update: 
New items ofcourse!

More features to come soon!
Wanna suggest something? Hit the post sections and I'll look into it!


1. Install SMAPI's latest version 
2. Install Json Assets latest version
3. Install Producer Framework Mod's latest version
4. Install PFMAutomate's latest version (OPTIONAL IF YOU USE AUTOMATE YOU MUST HAVE THIS) 
5. Download the mod and unzip it on your local folder for StardewValley/Mods
6. Run the game through SMAPI api


Built for and works with Stardew Valley 1.4 on Linux/Mac/Windows.
Works with Multiplayer (Haven't fully tested it)
As with any PFM Machine, this doesn't replace anything in the game so it should mostly be compatible with any mod.
As per limitations of PFM, all vanilla crops were hardcoded. This means that if you try to input custom crops (i.e PPJA crops etc) nothing will happen, so a compatibility patch will need to be made first. 

Reporting bugs:

Please report any bugs you have encountered in the BUGS section.

For Modders:

If you'd like to create a compatibility patch, feel free to message me on discord. All help are welcome, custom crops increase day by day *shudder*
Source code available at my Github

Special Thanks:
to Skyrazer for his tremendous in my modding ventures, a very good friend I play with all the time <3
to kdau for his advices and answers to my questions, check his mods out too!
to Pathoschild for creating SMAPI, made modding seemingly easy and possible for people like me!
to spacechase0 for creating Json Assets, modding has never been easier!
to Digus for creating Producer Framework Mod, without it, I would be out here busting my brain out
to Gervig91 for creating the Sand Loam sprite, check his mods! Lots of animation <3
to Wynix223 for adding a Chinese localization, you're the man!
to everyone at discord/making-mods, you all have been wonderful people <3