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Make pottery, bonzaïs and ikebana (japanes traditional flower arrangement) from flowers, gems, minerals, clay, fiber and other stuff.
On top of making more money the ikebana, bonzai and pot can also be use as decoration around the house on any table or stand.

Permissions and credits
Update 2.0 release note:
- Ikebana mod has been completely retaken and changed from the old Custom Farming Redux (CFR) to the new and updated Producer Framework Mod (PFM). Pixel art and animation were redone.
- 3 new recipes got added so every pottery can now be turned in either a bonsai or Ikebana piece.
- As of today (sdv new update release 1.5) the custom animation do not work, but I have confidence that this will soon get fixed, since I know they are already working on it. I have activated the pulsing animation so as to not make it confusing. The custom animation are already there and should be activated as soon as PFM is updated.
- The mod is compatible with PFM Automate mod and can be setup as a production line, making the need to look at the recipes pretty much obsolete. 


This is my very first SDV Mod. I designed it trying to make some items more interesting.

Leave a comment, it’s nice to read comment, I like it!

Work with StardewValley v1.4+ (also tested on v1.5)


This mod REQUIRES : Smapi, Producer Framework Mod and Json Assets, so make sure those are installed and have all their requirements met. This mod also work with Automate but requires PFMAutomate to also be installed.
To ADD this mod : download and unzip the file, then put the 2 folders from the zip ("[JA] Ikebana" and "[PFM] Ikebana")  into your Stardew Valley Mods folders.
Then run the game using smapi.

The mod contains 4 machines : a pottery machine, a pottery cooking machine, a bonzai machine and finally an Ikebana
machine. The recipes for the machines can be bought from Clint then constructed from inventory.

Ikebana is an japanese floral art tradition that doesn't really compare with any western florist approach. Those just want to sell you a maximum amount of flowers to make money. 
Ikebana is based on observation of plant proportions, direction, size and composition. In other words : Nature does it best, so pay attention! 
There are many schools or style of Ikebana. 
I've studied Koryu shotokai one under Kazuko Tanaka and practiced both traditional and modern styles.
I've also studied a bit pottery making and made some of own potteries for Ikebana expositions, I assure you, it's a very fulfiling art for to practice in real life.
Bonzai making is a type that I've never practiced before, but it's more widely known and share much of the esthetics ; it was just a good fit.

The recipe are as followed :

1) Pottery : Using resources and minerals with clay, you can make the uncooked pottery and then cook it with a piece of coal in the pottery cooking machine.
Golden Plate : Gold Ore + Clay
Iridium Plate: Iridium Bar + Clay
Lackered Pottery : Hardwood * 3 + Clay
Kuro Pottery : Neptunite + Clay
Shiro Pottery : Earth Crystal + Clay
Bowl Pottery : Basalt + Clay
Kuro Plate : Bixite + Clay
Midori Pottery : Petrified Slime + Clay
Round Pottery : Opal + Clay
Blue Pottery : Kyanite + Clay
Ruby Pottery : Ruby + Clay
Fire Quartz Pottery : Fire Quartz + Clay
Jade Pottery : Jade + Clay
Rainbow Pottery : Prismatic shard + Clay
Topaz Pottery : Topaz + Clay
Fire Opal Pottery : Fire Opal + Clay
Marble Pottery : Marble + Clay
Blue Plate : Aquamarine + Clay

2) Pottery Cooking Machine : Any uncooked pottery + Coal

3) Bonzai Machine : Using tree and pottery, you can make bonzais – (Put the pottery into the machine and not the sapling!).
Cherry Bonzaï : Ruby Pottery + Cherry Sapling
Apricot Bonzaï : Blue Plate + Apricot Sapling
Orange Bonzaï : Kuro Plate + Orange Sapling
Peach Bonzaï : Golden Plate + Peach Tree Sapling
Pomegranate Bonzaï : Iridium Plate + Pomegranate Sapling 
Apple Bonzaï : Lackered Pottery + Apple Sapling
Imperial Bonzaï : Rainbow Pottery + Rare Seed
Pine Bonzaï: Topaz Pottery + Pine Cone

4) Ikebana Machine : Using flowers, pottery and fiber, you can make a traditionnal japanese flower arrangement.
Rose Ikebana : Fairy Rose + Kuro Plate + Fiber
Poppy Ikebana : Poppy + Bowl Pottery + Fiber
Jazz Ikebana : Jazz flower + Blue Plate + Fiber
Tulip Ikebana : Tulip + Kuro Pottery + Fiber
Sunflower Ikebana : Sunflower + Fire Opal Pottery + Fiber
Crocus Ikebana : Crocus + Rainbow Pottery + Fiber
Daffodil Ikebana : Daffodil + Ruby Pottery + Fiber
Imperial Ikebana : Sweet Gem Berry * 3 + Midori Pottery + Fiber
Dandelion Ikebana : Dandelion * 3 + Round Pottery + Fiber
Spangle Ikebana : Summer spangle + Marble Pottery + Fiber
Sweet Pea Ikebana : Sweet Pea + Lackered Pottery + Fiber
Fern Ikebana : Fern + Shiro Pottery + Fiber
Holly Ikebana : Holly + Jade Pottery + Fiber
Purple Mushroom Ikebana : Purple Mushroom + Blue Pottery + Fiber
American Bouqet : Bouqet + Fire Quartz Pottery + Fiber

Esilabet & Willibix