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Adds animals, items and machines to support a mining-centric/dwarf themed play-through. 6 new livestock animals, 8 new machines, 1 new type of tree and 76 new items.

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Dwarvish was created to support a dwarf-themed/mining-centric play style.  It is really 4 separate, but complimentary/related mods:
  • Dwarvish Collection - new items to support the theme using JSON Assets
  • Subterranian Livestock - new animals for the Coop (Rock Crabs and Grubs) and Barn (Giant Naked Molerats) using BFAV
  • Dwarvish Machines - new machines to create or enhance the first 2 mods using Producer Framework Mod
  • Subterranian Overhaul - Changes things in the mines to better support a mining focused playstyle.

Dwarvish Collection
Dwarvish Collection adds 75 new items to the game:
  • 19 new cooking recipes using ingredients found in the mines or underground.  A few are made from your crafting menu, but most are purchased from the Dwarf and made at the kitchen.
  • 7 Gem Dust: one for each of the main types of gem (emerald, ruby, topaz, aquamarine, jade, diamond, amethyst).  These are created in the Dwarvish Pulverizer (from Dwarvish Machines).
  • 4 Ore Dust (1 for each of the types of Ores).  These can be created at the Dwarvish Pulverizer.
  • Ore Clusters for each type of Ore.  These are harvested from the Rock Crabs in Subterranian Livestock as a Deluxe good.  They can be broken down into several ore each at the Dwarvish Pulverizer (higher quality = more ore).
  • Carrot Mash for use in the Dwarvish Still can be made at the Dwarvish Pulverizer.
  • 2 Dwarvish Spirits can be created at the Dwarvish Still by combining Carrot Mash and ore dust or gem dust.
  • 9 Dwarvish Potions can be created at the Alchemy Table
  • 21 Necklaces can be made at the Jewelcrafter's Bench
  • 1 Necklace Mold (made in the crafting menu)
  • 7 Rings can be made at the Jewelcrafter's Bench
  • 1 Golden Chicken Statue can be made at the Jewelcrafter's Bench
Subterranian Livestock
Adds 5 new animals to the game for the Coop/Big Coop/Deluxe Coop:
Grubs: A very cheap animal that produces Bug Meat each day. Lives in Coop+
Copper Crabs: Rock Crabs that grow small copper clusters on their shell each day. Harvest with Shears. Coop+
Iron Crabs: Rock Crabs that grow small iron clusters on their shell every other day. Harvest with Shears. Big Coop+
Gold Crabs: Rock Crabs that grow small gold clusters on their shell every 3 days. Harvest with Shears. Deluxe Coop+
Iridium Crabs: Rock Crabs that grow small iridium clusters on their shell every 4 days. Harvest with Shears. Deluxe Coop+
Adds 1 new animal to the game fro the Barn/Big Barn/Deluxe Barn:
Giant Naked Mole Rat: A cheap subterranean mammal animal that can be milked.  Milk using the milk pail once every other day. Barn+

Dwarvish Machines
Adds 13 new machines to the game:
  • Dwarvish Pulverizer: turns ore clusters into ore, ore into ore dust, gems into gem dust and cave carrots into carrot mash. Can also be used on a few artifacts such as the Golden Mask to produce useful goods from extra copies of artifacts.
  • Gem Polisher: increases quality of gems placed inside to increase value.  This helps support early game mining as a means of income and also allows the creation of specific quality gems if needed.
  • Jewelcrafter's Bench: create jewelry from gems and minerals. Higher quality gems = higher quality jewelry.
  • Dwarvish Still: turns carrot mash and various forms of ore/gem dust into Dwarven Spirits or Infused Dwarven Spirits.
  • Alchemy Table: turns Infused Dwarven Spirits + other ingredients into potions.
  • Efficient Furnace: a more efficient furnace (better ore to bar ratio and faster production time)
  • Pulverized Coal Furnace: even more efficient furnace (better coal and ore to bar ratio and faster production time per bar)
  • Slow-Burn Charcoal Kiln: more efficient charcoal kiln that takes much longer to process
  • Adds one new Recipe to the Charcoal Kiln: 10 hardwood to 3 coal.
  • 5 Mushroom Boxes (one for each type).  Produce a steady supply of specific mushrooms. Work similar to a worm-bin with no input required.

Subterranian Overhaul
Adds changes to the mines to support Dwarvish/Mining playstyles.  For now this is fairly basic, but this one will generally incorporate any changes that require a full SMAPI mod.  Now tweaked and tested in multiplayer.
  • Adds Voidshroom Trees to the mines.  These grow below level 90 in the mines and serve as a more regular source of wood for Miners.
  • Voidshroom Trees drop Voidshroom Spores and Wood/Hardwood
  • Makes Cave Carrots plant-able in the farm cave and first floor of the mines.  Cave Carrots produce a Cave Carrot Flower after 28 days, which you can harvest Ancient Carrot Seeds from every 3 days.
  • Ancient Carrot Seeds can be planted in the Farm Cave or first floor of the Mine.  These will produce a cave carrot after 3 days.

Known Issues

In multiplayer, crops planted in the farm cave or first floor of the mine will not appear for other players if they are in the room when planting happens.  Other players will see the hoed dirt patch appear, but no seeds will appear.  If they exit and return, the seeds/plant will appear as normal.  This issue is purely visual (the crop is still there, but does not render on the screen).  If you have any idea why, let me know.

Unzip into the Mods folder or use a mod manager such as Vortex to do so.
Dwarvish requires Producer Framework Mod, the unofficial update of BFAV and JSON Assets