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Meet the four "Nature Spirits." As you leave them "offerings" (increase friendship) they will sell you a wider variety of items.
Produce hard-to-make "Divine Wines" which become powerful weapons in the Volcano Forge.
70 Trees
28 Crops (+M Yield)
8 Machines
50+ Foragables
4000+ Artisan Goods
60+ Weapons

Permissions and credits

No compatibility issues are currently known with this mod.  

If you have Better Mixed Seeds, please see THIS ARTICLE on how to deactivate high value crops from seed rotation.


UPDATES: - Please Note: Production Key is an excel file, and should not be placed in the mods folder. It is a resource, not a part of the game.
New Optional File SEED BALANCER corrects issues my mod has with the Seed Maker.  See SEED BALANCER in Articles for details.
2.2.0 - Sorry for all of these updates! This is my first mod, and it's huge, so I keep finding issues.
  • Baobab was spelled wrong throughout the entire mod, this is corrected.
  • - If you have a Baobab already, it will vanish mysteriously.  Sell all of it's crop and artisan goods before updating.
  • - Amanra will now send you a Baobab Sapling at 9 Hearts to make up for this.
  • New Machine  "Fragrance Extractor" - Works like a Perfume Maker, since Perfume Maker mod seems not to be functioning, and Farmer to Florist overwrites my flower perfumes.
  • - New perfumes added for all 10 vanilla game flowers, coconut and ginger. (Can only be made in this machine)
  • - Recipe sent by Sandy at 5 Hearts
  • Spawn rates & prices adjusted down. 
2.1.2 - Update affects main mod file only.
  • Corrects issue in which Willow did not produce outdoors in winter.
  • - Unfortunately, any Willow planted outdoors before this update will never produce bark.
  • Corrects issue in which Puck sold Honeyberries instead of Honeyberry Saplings.
  • Corrects winter trunk overlay graphical issues for certain trees.
  • I found the food & forage sprite sheet from the original game, so things like Kelp and Ice Tea have nicer looking sprites.
  • Six New Forage Items, most are super rare. Tumbleweed makes Fiber in the Auto Mill.
2.1.1 - Update affects main mod file, RX Artisan Valley Pack, and corrects errors on Production Key.
  • Please Note: Producer Framework is required for this mod, I did not have it listed as a requirement previously.
  • Purple and White Bell Pepper moved to correct growing seasons. If you have these growing outdoors in the summer, destroy all crops or wait until next season to update.
  • Minor production, graphical, grammatical corrections. 
  • Pickled mushrooms added to Dwarf shop random rotation. This allows for 100% completion if Lumisteria's Pickles is causing a production conflict. This conflict will be completely removed in a future update, the workaround is just taking some time.
2.1.0 - Update affects all optional download files, including Production Key and Produce to Sapling.
  • FOUR NEW TREES (Baobob, Coco de Mer, Dead Man's Fingers, Honeyberry). New photo in media section.
  • Corrects spelling error for Abigail's gift tastes.
  • Corrects forage spawns (I had their rarity coded backward).
  • Corrects various small spelling and production errors.
  • Removes some buffs from certain crops so that description text can be read.
  • Aesthetic changes to make certain trees and shrubs look less boxy, and certain mushrooms look more accurate.
  • Name change for "Golden Feather" to correct redundancy.  Sell or process this item before you update if you have one.
  • Main mod file renamed to "zz_Raffadax Teas and Trees" to hopefully mitigate ID shuffles for future updates.
2.0.1 - Corrects issue in which recipes were not appearing in shops on Year 2.
  • Mermaid Cave gift taste compatibility removed. This was added without the knowledge or consent of the creator of that mod, and they requested those characters be removed from compatibility. Mermaid Cave will still work with this mod, but Ukubuku, Lucy and Lui will no longer have integrated gift tastes for Raffadax crops or items.
  • Custom NPC Exclusions is now REQUIRED for this mod. It is a simple addition that prevents my NPCs from showing up places where they should not.
  • Artisan Valley is NO LONGER REQUIRED as a dependency. A large number of assets have been pulled from the primary mod and set into a secondary content pack. Please see V2.0 Update Instructions in the Articles section for instructions.
  • Two machines have been added (Auto Mill and Distillation Tank) which replace functionality of machines needed from Artisan Valley for full mod experience.
  • Perfumes and forage items are now available at random at NPC shops, removing Farm Type Manager and Farmer to Florist / Perfume Maker mods as necessary dependencies for full mod experience.
  • WEAPONS CAN NOW BE MADE in the Volcano Forge using Divine Libations.  Optional Download File PRODUCTION explains how this is done on the WEAPONS tab.  (New photos in "Images" section of this page).
  • - Advanced Melee Framework and Special Attacks for these weapons will come in a future update. 
  • - For now, the bows function as daggers, but they will have projectiles in the coming update.
  • - Weapon strengths are subject to rebalancing in the future as extra aspects are added to weapons.
  • There are now less Update Keys in the mod, so the next time there is an update you will not be bombarded with a million update alerts. 
  • Minor graphical and spelling fixes. Handful of missing assets added.
  • NOTE - Update may jumble ID numbers, causing images on signs to shift arbitrarily.

1.0.2 - Reduced price and spawn rate of some foragables.
 - Added "Lucky Clover" as foragable item with Fish_Waffle's permission. (requires -JA- Lucky Clover)
         - Added "holiday spawns". Special items are more likely in certain areas on certain days.
- Solstices & Equinoxes (21st of each season)
- "St. Pat's Day" (Spring 17)
- Spirit's Eve
- Feast of the Winter Star
- Optional New File Available - Production Key.
- Excel spreadsheet Detailing productions and prices. Highly recommended resource for this mod.
- New version of Excel spreadsheet released 3/15. Now contains gift tastes for new NPCs as well as Big Craftable recipes.
1.0.1 - Redundancies removed that caused compatibility issues with Stardew Bakery, MythicPhoenix, and  Lumisteria's Pickles.

Four new shops are added to the game in the form of mythical creatures located in four zones of the game. As you increase friendship with the shop-keeps, they will sell you better items.  This is flavored as though you are leaving offerings to the nature spirits, and you are being rewarded for your services.

You are able to produce just about everything that the vendors sell with the right mods. Everything necessary to produce the divine wines cycles through their inventories at random.


- 28 new crops
  • Tea leaves can be processed into seven different types of tea, in addition to black tea.  White tea becomes yellow, rooibos becomes red, black can be processed into an additional tea as well; all done via "realistic" means. There are 100+ teas that can be made with this mod.  All teas have unique tea sachets and kombuchas, most have a "tea leaf" or dry mix as well.
  • 8 are late game purchases, and appear as foragable items until then.
  • 2 Produce giant crops if More Giant Crops is used ( Requires one content pack to work)
  • 12 additional crops produced if Multi Yield Crops is used, plus three items added to vanilla game crops.
- 66 New Trees
  • Plums become prunes in dehydrator, pimento become allspice. These act as fruit for production purposes.
  • Some of the trees and crops are "legendary" or "mythical" (ie: Yggdrasil which has a Bifrost Flower) which appear as top tier crops. 
  • - Most "divine crops" can be ground into a dust that can be used as an additional "crop" item.
  • - Port wines and port meads from these crops have unique names, and can be used as a starting point to produce "Divine Wines" in a keg with the correct ingredients.  These are like potions, are difficult collect components for, and are highly valuable.  There are a lot of these, but only 5 recipes are directly given to the player in game.  These are not "recipes", they are a series of items that, when placed into a keg, creates a "Divine Libation". I am looking into a possible "hidden notes" system for this for a future release.
  • If you are looking for a sizable Greenhouse to deal with all of these new trees, I used Pookachu's Seasonal Greenhouse to test and design everything. Now there also exists a Pookachu's Insane Greenhouse, which is even larger.
  • If you want a lot of farm space, Giga Farm is a good option.

Please note that PFM Automate is required if you want the Automate mod to function with my machines. 

  • Auto Mill - Grinds items into fine powders and dusts.
  • Distillation Tank - Distills liquors and brandies.
  • Dry Packer - Packs tea sachets, cereals, and other items for store sale. Flavored as Pierre requesting for more items to compete with larger chains.
  • Dye Washer - Dyes wool to make colorful fabrics. This is flavored as selling directly to Emily. 
  • Flow Hive - Turns flowers into honey that can be used to make nectars, jellies and tiered meads.
  • Fragrance Extractor - Makes perfumes and colognes from flowers and other aromatic items.
  • Oxidizer - Processes teas, dehydrates, dries.  
  • Paint Mixer - Mixes colorful paints. This is flavored as selling directly to Leah. 

Please note, these are for Raffadax crops only, as well as honey from vanilla game flowers.

  • Jellies produced in the preserves jar can be placed back into the preserves jar with additional fruit to make jam.  Doing the same with jam will make compote, marmalade or chutney.

  • Meads produced with flow honey (from flow hive) will make balsam in a still. Place that balsam into a keg with a matching flavor of mead to make port mead.  (Needs Still)

  • Wines produced in the keg will make unique brandies in the still. Place brandy into a keg with wine of the same type to make port wine.  (Needs Still)

  • All first tiered wines and meads make sparkling wines and meads with wine yeast in a keg.  (Needs wine yeast)

  • All Wines, Brandies, Meads, Balsams, Ports, Sparkling beverages can be aged in a cask, as well as a few liquors.

  • Kiln can now roast nuts, coffee, make popcorn, and process certain tea.

  • Mushrooms can now be pickled, dried, and ground. A few magic ones make tea.

- Crops have production for:
  • Wine, Brandy, Port Wine, Sparkling Wine, Honey, Mead, Balsam, Port Mead, Sparkling Mead, Jelly, Jam, Compote, Honey Jelly, Butter, Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice, Pickles, Tea, Tea Sachets, Kombucha, Liquor, Nectar, Grinder, Dryer, Dehydrator, Oil Maker, Mayo Machine, Non-Dairy Milk, Perfume, Roasted

- Additional content packs are available for the following mods:
- Alternate Milk
- Artisan Valley
- Produce to Sapling 

- Production Built in for the following mods:
- Custom Cask Mod
- Farm to Florist 
- Flower perfumes overwritten by original mod machine. Suggest using built in "Fragrance Extractor".
- KAYA's Mead Keg
        - Lucky Clover
     - Used as component in a couple items.
- Wilsonch3451 Perfume Maker - APPEARS BROKEN


- Four new friendable NPCs as shop-keeps. Their item availability is linked to their friendship points.
  • It is advised that you read the mail they send. They send very detailed mail that explains how a few mod specific things work.
  • Portrait Artwork for NPCs by AberjaxStudios.

- Full unique gift tastes for every item for every character in the game (including Leo), the new NPCs, and the following original NPCs:


- 50+ New Items
  • Feathers, antlers, shells, shark teeth, mushrooms.
  • Kelp found at beach has vegetable artisan production.
  • Some items only appear when it is storming or snowing.
  • Some "legendary items" can be found very rarely (1/1000) that can be sold or made into valuable items.



More artisan additions are planned in a future update. Other mods are unlikely to natively work with my crops due to the workaround I used to allow tiered artisan production.  I do have plans to make sodas, ciders, beers, lemonades, ice creams, cocktail recipes, soaps, candles, clothing, forged items, etc...Those are coming in the future and have to be individually built. 

Eventually there will be a new machine(s) that allows for tiered production of vanilla game crops as well, that will be in a future update.

I eventually want to make unique scenes for specific situations, for example, placing a Fruit of the Netherworld in the Luau Soup.


If anyone knows of a mod that can do one of the following, please contact me:
  • Create custom "Secret Notes" for my divine wine recipes, or ideally a separate system like the recipes that will track which wines have been made.
  • Make my sandalwood tree drop sandalwood instead of wood when copped down.
  • Make my perfumes consumable items with the "Monster Musk" animation.
  • Adjust placement of fruit on trees, so that Corpse Flower fruit can be moved down to base of plant.
  • Adjust fruit tree trunk, so that chopped shrubs can have a full trunk without overlaying the foliage.
  • Cause a specific planted fruit tree to spawn monsters.

If you are a mod-maker and notice something wrong or would like to do one of the following, please contact me:
  • Fix a compatibility issue I am unaware of.
  • Create a language patch or translations.
  • Merge some aspect of my mod with yours and/or request a content pack for your mod.
  • Create Clothing / Forge / Recipe items with my items. I have ideas for a couple hundred clothes/weapons/cocktails, but I have about 4-5000 items, so I have plenty of random stuff if you need components. The non-divine colored fabrics, paints, teas, crops and foragable items are almost all up for grabs, but contact me so redundancies can be avoided.  
  • Add my foragable items to your custom map, or any items to a custom shop.
  • Add your custom NPC to the gift taste list.  I'll do these in batches once I get a few.
  • Adjust gift tastes for a custom NPC in the mod already. If you own an NPC that I added gift data for, I probably have them loaded into one of my save files, so they made the list. If you have specific ideas for their gift tastes, you can send me a note and I'll make the adjustments.  I can give you a general idea of what they currently like/dislike if you contact me.
  • - For the most part, if they like a fruit, they will like the juice, jelly, wine, etc unless they don't like that specific product (ex. kids hate all alcohol).
  • - If they are "magical" (goblins, shadow people, merfolk, etc) they will like items that are poisonous to humans (this is explained via in game dialogue).

- You can reach me on Discord or Twitter at Raffadax.



This is my very first mod and I hope you all enjoy it !  I spent a huge amount of time balancing prices and availabilities, getting things to link together correctly, and researching accurate production for unique crops and artisan items.  I am not a coder by profession and had zero experience with anything like this before I made this mod, so please forgive any minor bugs that get worked out over the first couple weeks after launch, I expect these to be mainly spelling or pricing errors I didn't catch.   

I was able to have time to make this mod because I am a NYC bartender, and our bar has been closed since March 16, 2020 due to COVID. If you enjoy this mod and want to help support us, please consider donating to my bar's GoFundMe (The Guys at Ty's).  Ty's is a historic gay bar in Greenwich Village NYC, it is nearly 50 years old and its employees have been without work for a full year.  Donations made to our page will be split among out-of-work staff, and may be used to help cover reopening costs once we are allowed to open again.  Thank you!