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Tropical crops and trees for your farm

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I'm quarantined and going stir crazy, so I made some stuff.

Used and tested with all latest PPJA mods and Bonster's Crops. Please notify me if you find any future incompatibilities.

All objects come with their own gifting tastes . . . have fun figuring out who likes what!

This mod adds:

- 20 new seeds and saplings to your game, purchasable from Sandy as of Year 2:

(v 2.0) Arum Lily (aka. calla lily)
(v 1.0) Tuberose
(v 2.0) Amaryllis
(v 1.0) Night-Blooming Jasmine
(v 2.0) Ixora (aka. needle flower, ashoka)
(v 1.0) Chinese Hibiscus
(v 2.0) Bougainvillea
(v 2.0) Lemongrass
(v 1.0) Snakefruit
(v 2.0) Yucca
(v 2.0) Turmeric
(v 2.0) Longan (aka. dragon eye fruit)
(v 2.0) Lemongrass
(v 2.0) Chinese Mesona (aka. cincau, grass jelly leaves)
(v 2.0) Kaffir Lime
(v 2.0) Crown Daisy

(v 1.0) Frangipani Tree
(v 1.0) Rambutan Tree
(v 2.0) Sweetsop Tree (aka. sugar-apple, srikaya)
(v 2.0) Jambu Tree (aka. bell fruit, water apple, rose-apple)

- 6 new cooking recipes (4 drinks and 2 dishes) using Tropical Farm and SDV base game crops. The drink recipes are purchasable at Sandy's shop while the food recipes will be sent through mail once certain requirements have been met. Discover them on your own, or see the spoiler for a detailed guide. Hint: This mod incentivises you to befriend Sandy.


- 8 new cooking ingredients, all purchasable at Sandy's shop. Some can be crafted (recipes known by default) and some can be produced using SDV base game machines. Discover them on your own, or see the spoiler for a detailed guide.


- 14 new decorative craftables. Crafting recipes are either sent through the mail or purchasable in the shops once you've met certain conditions. Discover them yourself, or read the spoiler tag for a detailed guide.


- Better Artisan Goods icons for wine, jelly, honey, juice, and pickle produced from Tropical Farm crops. Requires BAGI to work.
If you prefer the base game/vanilla artisan good icons, or you don't want to install BAGI as well, you can simply remove the add-on by deleting the [BAGI] SSaturn's Tropical Farm sub-folder.

- PFM integration for use with other mods. Requires PRODUCER FRAMEWORK MOD to work.

Seed Maker integration was added with special thanks to vNIANHUAv.

Night-blooming jasmine, frangipani, tuberose, amaryllis, and arum lily will now produce DRIED POISON with the DRYER if you have PPJA's Farmer to Florist installed (not required for the mod to work).

KEG will now produce FISH SAUCE with *any fish*, and OYSTER SAUCE with *oysters*.

I'm planning on (eventually) adding:

- star anise
- kewda/screwpine/ocean pandan
- cumin

I'm also open to suggestions/requests as long as they fit the tropical theme, though my pixel art isn't the best so I can't promise anything >_<

Delete ALL previous SSaturn's Tropical Farm folders, including the optional (PFM) SSaturn's Tropical Farm for Seed Maker if you have had it installed. The PFM is now integrated into the main file and will not require a separate download.

Download and extract SSaturn's Tropical Farm v2, and drop the folder into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

The AMETHYST VASE and 9 decorative flower vases (Vase of Amaryllis, Vase of Arum Lily, etc.)
In some instances, you won't be able to pick them back up again (with empty hands, pick-axe, hoe, axe, anything!!) I'm not sure what causes this issue, but I also notice this with other 16x16 crafted decorative objects added by other mods.

- vNIANHUAv for Chinese translations
- jina2ya for Korean translations
- Ghost3lboom for Russian translations

thank you also to everyone who has made suggestions on new crops to add!

and finally, special thanks to Spacechase0 for JsonAssets, without which this mod wouldn't work.