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Adds several new machines, new items, new events, and new gameplay mechanics focused on giving more depth to minerals, gems, and artifacts. SVE and Vanilla compatible.

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Version 2.0 is out now!!

2.0 brings some much needed changes to this mod. These include:

- Substantial increases to the sell prices of every item from every machine.
- Substantial decreases to the Crystalarium times. They are now much shorter than before.
- Reduced time to produce for all minerals.
- The final 2 events with the Dwarf have been changed to add more charm and depth to the character (hopefully). I think you all will enjoy them.
- One new quest.
- Several small changes - see changelog for more info.


Hi fellow farmers,

This is my first foray into making my own mod for SV. I hope you all enjoy it! 

My goal with this mod was to make mining and artifact collecting more enjoyable by giving you more to do with the items you collect as you play the game. I also wanted to create a more meaningful way to use the resources you have because after a couple years in the game, many of them become somewhat useless. 

Parts of this mod are similar to Undare’s Jewelcraft mod, but I wanted to go in a different direction aesthetically, and I wanted a mod that felt a bit more connected to the established characters and the world of SV. His mod is great, and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone it appeals to (you should even be able to use both of ours together), but I wanted something different for myself, so I made this one. 

What this mod does exactly is that it will make it possible for you to craft different pieces of jewelry out of every mineral/gem in the game using a total of 4 new machines to do it. Each piece of jewelry will increase the value of the mineral/gem substantially, giving you a greater incentive to mine. What's more, the jewelry can then be enchanted using 3 different kinds of magical machines for an even greater profit. As for artifacts, you will now be able to craft display cases that can house each artifact using 3 different machines, which can then be sold for a much greater profit than you would ever get from the artifact alone. Every machine has animations and SFX, and there is over 1000 new items you can make if you wish. I decided not to add the items to the collectors page, so as to not clutter it up. Bear in mind, each machine is locked behind an event or quest. The rules to start the events for each series of machine will be outlined near the bottom of this page if you wish to know them.

In summary, I’ve added several new events, character interactions, and a few new quests in order to help the player feel like this mod belongs in the game, and isn't just shoe-horned in. I've made several small adjustments to the base game as well in an attempt to balance things out. These changes include adjusting the price of every mineral/gem and most of the artifacts. Only mods that change the base prices of the minerals/gems/artifacts will conflict with this mod (The game should still work, but your prices will be over-written by whatever mod is uploaded last). I've also added a few surprises that I don't want to give away, but will become obvious as you play. Nothing crazy though. Finally, each item can be gifted to any of the SV NPCs. The gift parameters are very similar to the base game ones. Nothing that conflicts with it, at least.

Things to keep in mind:

It’s compatible with both SV and SVE (with or without Grandpa’s Farm), and as such, should be compatible with any other mod. As long as you don’t use a mod that changes the base game town or farm layout.  You can also now toggle my price changes on or off with GenericModConfigMenu, or you can do it manually by going into the config file in the CP folder and setting it to true or false. Default is true (ON). Set it to false if you want to use the base prices or another mods prices. Just be aware, the balance of your game may be heavily in your favor if the value of gems/minerals/artifacts is increased more than the base game prices. And if you want to use the Crystalarium settings of any other mod, including the one that comes with the CCRM mod itself, simply delete the CCRM folder in my mod. It shouldn't pop up any errors.

I’ve also released an *Easy* version of the mod to decrease the cost of obtaining the machines, and lowered the time to produce further for those who like things easier and simpler and don't want to work hard for their money :). I get it, video games don't always have to be hard. I like it hard, but I want to make sure this mod will work for everybody who wants to use it. You can also mix and match with the two mods if you want to make things more balanced. If you like the quest requirements and recipe requirements, but only want to cut the production times in half, just move the ProducerRules.json file from the easy version into the PFM folder of the base version, and presto!, better production times but still a challenge to get the machines themselves. 

I’d recommend starting a new save to play this mod as intended, but it should work on any save. Just be aware, depending on how far along you are in the game, several events may happen, or you may receive a few letters, within a short amount of time. It might seem a bit off, but everything should still work.

I've spent countless hours perfecting this mod and ironing out the bugs. I tried to make sure everything works as it should, but I may have missed something, so please let me know in the comments if something isn't working as you think it should. Also, I don't really consider myself much of an artist or writer, so if you play with this mod and have suggestions or creative changes you think would make it better, I'd love to hear them. I may not respond right away, but I will try to check messages frequently.

To Start Events:

Jewelry Machine:

Enchanted Machine :

Artifact Machine:

To Install:

Place Trinkets To Treasures in Mods folder.

Notable mentions:

I want to thank Undare for inspiring me to make this mod and for giving me permission to use a couple of his assets from Jewelcraft. 

I also want to thank Digus, author of PFM, for all his help as I ironed out all the kinks with my mod. I couldn't have finished this without his help, so thank you!

Thank you to kittyjoker for all your help on VERSON 2.0!

Enjoy. :)