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Adds an additional fourteen breeds of chicken and six new egg colors. Also recolors the original white and brown eggs to match.

Permissions and credits
Chicken math: because one (or two, or five) chickens just aren't enough.

  1. SMAPI - Stardew Modding API
  2. Content Patcher
  3. Expanded Preconditions Utility
  4. Json Assets
  5. Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety*
  6. Producer Framework Mod
  7. SpaceCore
*Check posts section for unofficial update.

Optional Mods:

How to install:
Download, unzip, and drop the Chicken Math folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
To add extra color variations with Adopt 'n' Skin, download the optional file Specialty Chickens (Skins). Unzip and move the Specialty Chickens folder to Stardew Valley/Mods/AdoptSkin/assets/skins.

New chickens can be purchased from Marnie as "Specialty Chickens" for 1,000g.

The following chicken breeds are currently included:
  1. Ameraucana (10 variants, blue eggs)
  2. Araucana (5 variants, blue eggs)
  3. Ayam Cemani (4 variants, cream eggs)
  4. Barnevelder (8 variants, chocolate eggs)
  5. Cream Legbar (8 variants, blue eggs)
  6. Easter Egger (12 variants, mint eggs)
  7. Faverolles (6 variants, cream eggs)
  8. Marans (10 variants, chocolate eggs)
  9. Olive Egger (12 variants, olive eggs)
  10. Orpington (6 variants, brown eggs)
  11. Polish (8 variants, white eggs)
  12. Silkie (8 variants, cream eggs)
  13. Silverudd Blue (5 variants, green eggs)
  14. Swedish Flower Hen (8 variants, cream eggs)

There are eight egg colors total: White, Cream, Brown, Chocolate, Blue, Mint, Green, and Olive. White and Brown eggs have been recolored to better fit with the new colors. Eggs are available in both regular and large sizes, can be turned into mayonnaise or used in cooking, and can be hatched for even more colorful chickens.

Design notes:
  • Each breed produces only one color of egg (sorry, Easter Eggers).
  • Easter Eggers were given mint eggs in an effort to keep numbers of blue and green layers fairly balanced.
  • This mod is named for 'chicken math,' a phrase referring to the tendency of chicken enthusiasts to acquire more chickens than originally planned.