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This mod adds two new machines: the Tea Oxidizer and the Tea Pot! The Tea Oxidizer processes and dries fresh tea to create tea bags, and the Tea Pot brews tea bags into piping hot tea — perfect for staying in on a cozy winter day. Add flowers or fruits to your tea for extra flavor!

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  • Portuguese
About the mod
This is a mod that adds a bit more depth to tea processing and brewing in Stardew Valley. It is designed to add a bit of flavor to the vanilla experience, now that the tea bush was added in Stardew Valley 1.4!

The mod has not been tested alongside other tea mods such as Tea Time and PPJA (Project Populate JSON Assets). Please feel free to report compatibility/incompatibility in the comments here on Nexus, or to me at cel10e#4446 on Discord. :)

Coming soon: a compatibility pack for Better Artisan Good Icons, to give each brewed tea a unique look!

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  • Remove and trash all items created by this mod. This includes the Tea Pot and Tea Oxidizer machines and any brewed teas.
  • Remove the mod from your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.