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Everyone knows there's no such thing as TOO much ice cream... so here's 26 new recipes and a Shaved Ice Machine for good measure.

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Presenting.... even MORE sweet frozen treats for your gourmet palate! There's plenty of ice cream mods out there, but how about fancy ones that use PPJA crops and goods, Artisanal Soda products, and feature cute sprites from the talented Zosa?

What about an entire new machine just for shaved ice treats in all sorts of flavors??? (Disclaimer: this one was unfortunately designed by me, Hadi)

This mod adds 28 new objects, 1 new (animated!) machine, a metric butt-ton of shaved ice flavors (including Floral Shaved Ices, compliments of the wonderful Fwippy!) and compliments several large JA food and recipe mods already out there!

The Shaved Ice Machine and recipes for all these goodies can be bought at Gus' and Pierre's shops or via Khadija's Recipe Shop.

New in 2.0!

That's right, you heard me! You no longer need any PPJA mods to have tasty shaved ice in your game! You're free to add or remove whatever fruit and flower crop mods you want, and any items that you can't make will be automatically removed from your game. You will also not get any yellow messages about PFM not finding items now, so you can rest easy.

Please keep in mind that most of the ice creams and fancy desserts require PPJA mods, so if you don't have them they won't be added to your game.


- If you DO want every single item that this mod adds, try installing the following.

- If you have KRS installed, you can buy the recipes for this mod from Nasira. Otherwise, you can find everything at Gus or Pierre's shop.

-THIS MOD IS NOT STRICTLY BALANCED! It's not unbalanced either, but the food items are meant for fun and variety more than profit, so don't expect to always make more money from the finished product than the ingredients. If you must balance it, feel free to edit for personal use OR submit your edits so I can share them with everyone! (Your work, ofc will be credited).

Thanks to Kaya for the integrated Korean translation! You are a modding angel <3