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Adds a Grow Bag which produces a stream of mixed forage. With Forage of Ferngill and Wildflour WildFood Compatability!

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Hi All.

I present Grow Bags of Ferngill! This adds a nice little sack filled with good quality dirt. Not much good for crops, but if you leave it outside wild forage goods will grow in it.

Unlocking at Level 6 Forage Skill, the Grow Bag can be made from Cloth, Clay and Fibre. Place it down outside and within a couple of days a new Forage good will have grown. Flowers and Roots grow well in the bag, but you wont find any Fruits, Nuts or Mushrooms.

If you use the Forage of Ferngill mod (Flowers, Roots, Kombucha or a mix of them) their forage goods will also grow. 
If you use Wildflours WildFood mod some of their forage goods will also grow.
If you use both Forage of Ferngill and WildFood both of their goods will grow.

As a special touch, when the bag has finished growing a Forage Good, the good can be seen grown within the bag.

If you don't use all three Forage of Ferngill mods listed and WildFlours WildFood you will get some yellow errors in SMAPI saying grow bag cannot find an output. This can b ignored as the bag has multiple output lists for all combinations of the four supported mods so it will still work.

I've never had a mod make it to the front page. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and endorsed this, and to everyone who has downloaded Forage of Ferngill and Grapes of Fengill. I hope to continue making mods people like.

**1.1 UPDATE**
This update will bring compatibility to Quaint Living -- Wildflowers and Ridgeside Village and will be released shortly. 
If anyone has any requests for compatibility please let me know and I can add it.