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Adds Bactrian camels as livestock with 4 variant colors for purchase at Marnie's Ranch. (BFAV 3.0.0+ unofficial update version needed)
Also adds Camel Hair and Camel Yarn.

Permissions and credits
Optional Version
Adds camel sounds to the game. Needs SAAT to function.
SAAT doesn't have Audio Signal Processing yet, a feature that allows audio to undergo low-pass, high-pass, and other effects.
So the camels always give the exact same "grunt" which can be annoying and repetitive. That's why I made this optional.

Buy the camels for 9000g at Marnie's Ranch. They go in a deluxe barn.
It takes 7 days for the calves to grow up into adults. 
-Beige Camel
-Classic Camel
-Brown Camel
-Mixed Camel

Animal Products & Artisan Products
Camels can be sheared every 3 days. The Camel Hair can be turned into Camel Yarn
The products will be added to the player's Shipped Item Collection in the game.
Camel Products give the same villager reactions as sheep products, with the exception of Sandy who will love the desert-dwelling camel products.
The input quality of the Camel Hair doesn't factor into the quality of the Camel Yarn as per sheep wool. Instead, placing quality Camel Hair into a Loom gives a higher chance to produce 2 Camel Yarns. Silver gives 10% chance, gold gives 25% chance, and iridium gives 50% chance.
-Camel Hair: 900g
-Camel Yarn: 1800g

BFAV 3.0.0+ is needed to run this mod.
For the latest version of Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety (BFAV) check:

Shout out to Puffeeydii for providing the Chinese translation.