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Uses BFAV to add two types of horses as farm animals. Also uses JA and PFM to add trophies, manure, and horse hair as products and provide methods to process them.
Optional horseshoe edition that produces horseshoes instead of manure.

Permissions and credits
As of February 2021, I am officially no longer maintaining this mod. Anyone who wants to maintain an updated version of this mod has my full permission. Sport and Draft horse sprites may be used freely or modified, but must be credited to me, Ivycrowned, if used as is. Enjoy.

This mod adds sport horses (based off vanilla horse sprites) and draft horses to the game as farm animals.
The horses are all textured with real horse colors, patterns, and markings in a variety of combinations, totaling 40 unique sprites.
Sport horses produce silver and gold trophies, and draft horses produce manure (or horseshoes) and horse hair.
If Producer Framework Mod is installed, manure can be converted to fertilizer with the recycling machine, and horse hair can be processed into cloth, just like wool. Horseshoes can be recycled into iron.


  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.4 on Linux/Mac/Windows.
  • Works in single player. Multiplayer is currently untested.
  • As of 1.1.2: Works with Trent's BFAV Bulls. If you have both packs, my manure and processing rules will be disabled, so that your game uses Trent's manure and machines to prevent conflict.
  • BFAV has a known error where animals will visually revert back to vanilla animals overnight in multiplayer. They will still produce the correct goods.
More Info
If you have any questions or requests, the fastest way to get to me is to ping or DM me (@asterochares#7302) on Discord.