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An industrial expansion that adds some more new content to your game. Let's see if you can collect all the new features!

Permissions and credits

Welcome dear farmers to the latest update of my mod this year, called "Strange
Machines - Balancing Update". In this update, new fun content has been
implemented that can help you player to have a lighter gaming experience, plus
all the balancing that was done in the mod in general, so it's up to you to
figure out how to get them. The goal of Strange Machines is nothing less than
to make the player's early years much easier from new ways of achieving simple
features for example collecting stone to your expensive buildings or even
overpower items like Prismatic Shards. Anyway, this guy doesn't want to spoil
your gameplay, so I'm always mindful of the comments and ways to make you more
comfortable without spoiling your vanilla game. Along with all this new content
the files were remade for better reading and handling, the same happened with
dialogues, name of items and even their descriptions. This was part of the new
partner Kall (Tiakall) who has an exceptionally good job and is part of other
huge projects like Ridgeside Village. Not forgetting our friend Matt (MJA1981)
he came back and everything is more alive, correcting several errors, being the
master of programming and helping us to finalize this huge update. Last and not
very important I struggled to clean/redo some old sprites - craftables, objects
- to you don't even realize they're not in-game things. I wholeheartedly hope
that everyone will have fun with these changes and enjoy our work, because I
love Strange Machines very much and I want to continue with this project to the
end. With love, Strange Makers team!

ps: the warn topic is super important, don't forget to read him

Manual guide to install the mod and all his requirements. Remember that these
requirements may have more requirements to work, so install everything correctly
I recommend a new save for a better experience ù^ú.

Required Mods:

SMAPI - for mobile players, version 3.7.5;
Content Patcher - for mobile players, version 1.19.0;
Json Assets - for mobile players, version 1.6.2;
Expanded Preconditions Utility - for mobile players, version 1.0.0;
Producer Framework - for mobile players, version 1.4.1;
Mail Framework - for mobile players, version 1.7.0;
Quest Framework - mobile players don't need to download Quest Framework.
Custom Ore Nodes - for mobile players, version 0.5.3;
then this main mod: Strange Machines.

Highly recommended mods:

Lookup Anything - for mobile players, version 1.28.3;
this mod will help you to better handle the machines, because most recipes
are difficult to memorize, so when you play you don't need to stop and search.

Optional Mods:

Automate - for mobile players, version 1.18.4;
PFMAutomate - for mobile players, version 1.2.1.
If you want to automate the production of the machines.
- unzip everything in your mods folder

Strange Machines adds a total of 9 new craftables. We can consider most as
machinery that will help the player to progress more easily in the game. Others were made
to give a better look to your farm and have more varieties. I hope you have fun with them.


Starting with the simplest and easiest quality of life to achieve, we have Fertilizer
Maker. It is an invention of Pierre, but Caroline likes her very much and uses
it a lot in her indoor garden. Pierre always uses this baby to fill his catalog
with more fertilizer, and that's how he profits. A bad point is that some
ingredients are out of your reach, needing Robin's or Clint's help to get
them. I hope you as a good player and adventurer get one too, after all, I'm
sure your crops will love it. For starters, this domestic compost can produce
all kinds of speed fertilizer and quality ones, even basic with less sap. You
just need vegetables and some natural/organic resources and voila. Production
time varies, but is rewarding. The Fertilizer Maker's recipe is learned
naturally as soon as the player reaches level 7 of farming. However, it is a
bit complicated, eh, because even if you know how to create more of these to
help you on the farm you will still need the recipes sent by Pierre, so do not
forget to get closer to this guy, not even improve your farming skills every

Robin and Demetrius were struggling with their resources, so much so that it was
difficult to complete research or have enough material for winter, or export.
Maru then being a genius created a new machine and named it Alchemical Fuser.
You might find that name weird coming from Maru, but I think you'd better ask
her where it came from. Anyway, this little machine can combine items and
convert them into others, being very subtle and useful when you least expect
them. like, for example, make wood into hardwood, change the color of slime
eggs, or maybe even magic potions! Who knows where these ingredients are... To
create one of these you'll need a new ore unknown even by Clint, but I wonder
how Maru got it. Of course, you'll have to work hard to get her recipe, being
someone reliable and experienced to be able to make the most of her full
potential. It can be said that not even Maru knows all about her own creation,
but she did it to help her beloved parents. And where Sebastian get into all

Clint never liked his work, little lesshad reason to feel happy doing it, until one day he began to relive old
projects he found from his grandfather. Brazier Furnace is one of these
projects, and has been designed to process ores more efficiently and reward the
user in some way better than traditional furnaces. Let's say your improvement.
It is able to withstand a lot of pressure and very high temperatures thanks to
its component material: Blackstone. Just as you wonder what the hell this is,
he too, believe me, but somehow Clint managed to get that mineral and tough
resource to create one of grandpa's designs, which made him happier to be a
blacksmith. Maybe now he can win Emily's heart. Finally to the point, because
the processing of ores is more efficient the player receives twice what he
would get in a normal furnace, for example instead of a copper bar, two of
them, or six refined quartz’s instead of three when using fire quartz’s. Very
useful, right? But I assure you, it's hard to get <3.

Have you ever wondered how Marnie gets quality products for the fall Fair Festival, like
that huge cheeses? Well, here's the secret: Gourmet Machines. Marnie always
hides her secrets, but at some point they came in handy. As she loves animals,
you will definitely have to show it to her in various ways, giving affection to
those animals you have, a luxurious place to live and produce many artisan
goods with their resources. Basic ly simply, the Gourmet Cheese Press can
process milk in huge amounts and make it into a bigger delicious cheese, including
goat's milk. If you wanted variety now you have it. The same process happens
with eggs; using the Gourmet Mayonnaise Machine you can produce new varieties
of mayonnaise, much larger than traditional ones, all of course, give a good
buck. Now that you know how Marnie can win the festivals - before you coming to
Pelican Town lol - don't forget to beat her, more and more!

I was never familiar with Charcoal Kiln to start talking, so I had to use other
means to get coal like the "Easy Coal" mod that i can see many people
liked. Besides, I'm not buying materials at Robin's store or Clint's smithy,
I'd rather collect, but it turns out to be difficult knowing it's scarce. Then
the Carbonizer came into my mind. This guy can burn 90% of all items made from
wood, including hardwood or driftwood. So if you make fences or any other
excess item can burn to get extra coal, e.g. 1 wood = 1 coal. Of course the
quantity depends on the so much material used to produce the item - balance
U-U. But you know, I don't think you're going to find Carbonizer anywhere in
the valley as early as the first year... maybe after, and only time can tell.

Pan of Meals may seem wonderful; every morning when you wake up you will find some
hot meal to try, avoiding your expenses or delay in preparing food for your
wife/husband. She once told me that she always followed the footsteps of her
sister Coffee Maker, but she achieved these effects thanks to the help of a
mysterious witch named Camilla, who lives in distant and dangerous lands. I'm
not sure how to get her, but I'm sure Gus knows something and can tell you if
you two become good friends. And it looks like she changes her appearance every 
season... very curious, right?

“The lights of Pelican Town... Always beautiful and flashy, in a small place far
from the big cities. Once I went up to the mountains using an “elevator” - I
don't know the name of that, i'd better ask Maru – I met a guy named Kenneth!
And together we made new light posts using nickel, you know, the ore Clint
found in the mines. These posts illuminate a lot more than the ones I've done
in carpentry because instead of using batteries, we used solar essences, it's a
weird thing he found while exploring caves. But well, right after I created
mini versions of it and similar to torches, but the light it emits floats off
the base. I'll sell y’all my new babies in the future, so stay tuned!” - Robin

Ps:I almost forgot. Lewis told me Kenneth lives in Ridgeside Village.

SM brings a new collection of objects, containing 19 new items, all of course with variety,
such as Artisan Goods, Animal Goods, Materials, Ores, etc. All without exception are obtainable
and have at least some relation to the new collection of machines, but some of these are obtained
through special quests and events. I hope you work hard to complete your achievements.

The mod also adds a total of 8 new nodes to the mines, each with its own function
for the purpose of helping players. They usually appear in the mines of the town,
but also in Skull Cave and more often, due to the place energy. If you want to
be surprised just skip the spoiler tab and go to the next topic.



Stalagmites are stone roots that are born in caves, appearing at a frequency until high.
While doing your daily mining you can find three types of this guy in the
caves, and each has a chance to leave an extra gift. What is most obtained from
these roots are stones, but in a much larger amount than any other type, even
big boulders. In the initial levels you can find common, and leave you clay if
you are lucky. In the colder finds Cold Stalagmites, but these are rarer due to
the conditions of the habitat, in turn leaving frozen tears, what they have
left of their growth source. Lastly, the rarest of them all is Dense Stalagmite
- spawning in hot levels - that's very rare, not as much as diamonds of course,
and gives you Blackstones depending on how your day goes. I hope you notice
that the amount of stones varies and all can appear in Skull Cave as well, but
not too much.


Blackstone is a new ultra tough material that can be found when you think if you use your
pickaxe or bombs to break ores. Unlike any other it only appears in places
where sunlight does not penetrate, and is always surrounded by monsters as
resistant as, was discovered that Stone Golem are formed by them, must be why is
so difficult to defeat those dudes without a decent sword. This feature is used in
most new machines due to its efficiency and can be condensed into a beautiful
brick more powerful; only this process takes 24 hours to be done accurately.
Gunther confirms to you that they can be cloned into crystallariums and just
like everyone else, can appear in Skull Cave, but rarer than ever because of
the sunlight.


Mentioned in Robin's letter, nickel is similar to iron and is used in different places as
part of decorations or due to what it offers. Keneth is very fond of nickel
bars, as does Robin and he says he brings good memories of his friend and
daughter Maru, who someday needed this new metal to create a new machine. Thus,
it participates in 99% of the compositions already shown here and can be found
easily in caves, but it takes a while to be processed.

Rainbow Node

A mysterious book called "The Origin of the Rainbow" had been found. It
said that a long time ago the rainbow divided his colors into colorful and
amusing fragmentations, until time swallowed them without a trace. This is how Prismatic
Shards merges: because the fusion of these fragments, and being extremely rare,
even more than diamonds. Maybe someday you can solve these mysteries and
issues, and even create a Prismatic Shard with your humans hands.

To complement his functionality, 11 new letters, 24 quests and 2 events
were implemented for the mod development. They are all part of something and
can happen in different seasons, year, or even when you become very close to some npc.
What's more, some quests can give you great items and even some of the mod.

Currently Translations:
thanking our dear translators with a lot of love <3

Brazilian Portuguese - by Tai, aka me and 

Korean - by Queen KAYA;

Turkish (Turkçe) - by KediDili.


Compatible with mobile version;
Compatible with Ore Increase mod;
Compatible with Cometkins texture packs;

Items gift tastes including npcs from
 SVERVS, Toshinori and more;

Incompatible with Custom Crystalarium
- should be when 1.5 for mobile arrives - and Mine Changes Mod.


 - Before updating the mod, be sure to delete/sell EVERYTHING that comes from my mod, such as items and craftables. After that, you can update and recover what you sold/deleted using the CJB Item Spawner.

- The Korean translation is not complete due to the translator having some problems.
As they are personal I will not share here. For those who play with this language
i recommend using English.

 - Some items like Large Mayonnaise are incompatible with mods that
already added it. But the new mayonnaise made with Ostrich eggs or the larger golden egg is not, cuz
their names are completely different from what you might think. In my opinion I would find
weird to have the same kind of mayonnaise but with different names.


When you load my mod, a config.json will be created inside his folders.
You can see what changes can be made with them seeing reference pngs i left.

"Seasonal Fertilizer Maker"
set to false if you're having this issue:


"Can't apply image patch "Strange Machines CP > EditImage {{spacechase0.JsonAssets\BigCraftableSpriteTilesheet:Fertilizer Maker}}" to TileSheets\Craftables: target area (X:112, Y:1504, Width:32, Height:32) extends past the right edge of the image (Width:128), which isn't allowed. Patches can only extend the tilesheet downwards."

"Seasonal Pan of Meals"
set to false if you're having the same issue as Fertilizer Maker;

"Nickel Lamp-post Style"
change to "Street" or "Modest" depending of
what style you liked for the post. Default is "Modest".

Changelog is indeed one of the most important - for me the most - topic.
Here is where I explain every detail about the changes I made in this update
that was more focused on his rebalancing and adjustments in general.



  • Stalagmites and Rainbow Node were implemented inside the caves. Both can appear in Skull Cave as well and are useful for facilitating the generation of basic supplies.
  • Improved all the older machine sprites to make them more vanilla stylish, including some objects like mayonnaises.
  • New seasonal sprites variaton for Fertilizer Maker - Flowers.
  • 10 new items including large egg versions for Duck, Void and Golden Chicken.
  • 3 new letters and 1 event to complement the update.
  • 2 new craftables: Carbonizer and Pan of Meals.
  • Added 24 quests to the game, such as special ones and for character development u-u.
  • Blackstone can be smelted in Furnaces and Brazier Furnace to create Black Bricks.
  • Alchemical Fuser can now change Slime Egg colors.

Balance Changes:

  • Fertilizer Maker now can be placed anywhere and in winter, when placed indoor, the snow of the craftable disapear.
  • Increased fertilizer ingredients to make Quality Fertilizer and Deluxe Speed-Gro.
  • Now you can make Basic Fertilizer, e.g 5 sap= 5 fertilizer.
  • Implemented alternative recipe to make Deluxe Fertilizer in FM.
  • Normal Furnaces can smelt Nickel Nugget but it will take too long.
  • Brazier Furnace can smelt ores more faster, but now you will not receive extra bars.
  • Brazier Furnace uses coal instead of wood and hardwood to smelt ore bars.
  • Animal Goods seeling price reduced to fit small ones.
  • All new nodes can spawn in Skull Cave, but not in Volcano Dungeon.
  • Blackstone nodes received an spawn buff to be found more easier.
  • Nickel Nugget nodes spawn buff reduced to have the same amount as Iron Ore nodes.
  • Letter conditions adjustments.
  • All dialogue stuff - such as item descriptions, some names, event and letter dialogue - remaked.
  • Improved gift tastes fom almost every item, with custom npcs - SVE, RSV, Toshinori, etc.
  • Fixed no Gourmet Machines recipes issue when complete all requirements to receive them.

  • FlashShifter for the main header background and mod page references.
  • PPJA Covers for inspiration.
  • Tiakall for all the help such as dialogue stuff redone.
  • MJA1981 for testing the mod, correcting issues and adding content improvements.
  • Kedi, KAYA and B1LLZ for translations.
  • Spriters Resource Website for all SV sprites.