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An industrial expansion with new content for the game.

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An industrial expansion that adds some more content to your game. Let's see if you can collect all the new features!

  • Install the latest version of SMAPI for your platform.
  • Unzip Strange Machines Mod into /Stardew Valley/Mods.
  • Unzip Content Patcher into /Stardew Valley/Mods.
  • Unzip Mail Framework Mod into /Stardew Valley/Mods.
  • Unzip Producer Framework Mod into /Stardew Valley/Mods.
  • Unzip Json Assets Mod into /Stardew Valley/Mods.
  • Unzip Custom Ore Nodes Mod into /Stardew Valley/Mods.
  • Run your game with Smapi.

Alchemical Fuser

The Alchemical Fuser is a machine made by Maru. She gives you the recipe in the winter of the first year in the valley, in case you become her friend. Maru made the machine to change materials among others with in order to help the player and her parents Robin and Demetrius. If you have 5 friendship hearts, collect 150 Nickel Nuggets and have level 4 in Farming skill.
Fertilizer Maker

The Fertilizer Maker you can create a portion of Fertilizers (only those of quality and speed of growth) using natural, simple resources that can be found through cultivation and collection. Of course the most complex ones we have to have patience to acquire. Simple, but the recipe is limited, because you need to receive both 2 letters from the seller (sir Pierre). You will receive one from Pierre as soon as you get level 1 in Farming skill and 2 hearts of friendship with him. The last with friendship level 7 and Farming skill level 6.
Brazier Furnace

This furnace is capable to produce more bars using less ores. It's Clint's new project and he sends a letter warning you as soon as you get some Blackstones. I would say it is super useful, after all you will be able to get many more resources quickly and simply without having to die mining in mines. The first letter you receive as soon as you collect 5 Blackstones, to receive the recipe from the furnace you need to collect 200 Copper Ore, 175 Iron Ore, 150 Gold Ore and 50 Blackstones.
Gourmet Mayo Machine

The Gourmet Mayo Machine is a special machine from Marnie. She uses it to make large mayonnaise with all possible eggs, with the exception of the golden and ostrich and make normal Mayonnaise more faster. To get you need a Deluxe Chicken Coop and wait in year 2. Also you need friendship level 6 with Marnie. The letter will arrive on the 8th of spring.
Gourmet Cheese Press
One of the most beneficial machines in the mod, Gourmet Cheese Press can make regular cheese a lot faster, and produce large versions of them using large milk. It is super useful for healthy and energy regeneration, in addition to doubling the amount of money. To get it you need a Deluxe Barn and wait in year 2./spoiler In addition to having level 8 friendship with Marnie. The letter will arrive on the 25th of summer.
Nickel Flag and Nickel Lamp-Post

Both are more modern light sources, made of Nickel, the new ore that has been added. You can buy the recipe for both in year 2 at Robin.

Blackstone is a new type of material (stone) that can be found at levels 30-40 of the normal mine. That's because it absorbs the negative and null energy from the ambient, so it's a perfect place for her. In addition, it is widely used in machine recipes. Fortunately it is possible to clone them in the Crystalarium.

Nickel Node, Bar and Nugget have been added to increase your collection of ores and resources in the game. They are very important, after all now machines need it in order to be made. You can find this kid in the mines, from level 40-80 in a reasonable amount.
Large Mayo

Large Mayonnaise is new artisan goods added. You can make it on the Gourmet Mayo Machine using large eggs. For duck and void eggs, mix them with oil. The sale value is higher than the smaller mayonnaise, but still can't overcome the dinosaur mayonnaise.
Big Cheeses

Big cheeses were added. They are great sources of energy when you gain access, especially for Skull Cave explorers. Both take the same production time, have the same edibility, but they have different buffs. Be quick to eat such a delight. 

Glue is a new Artisan Goods, just like the cheeses and mayonnaise mentioned earlier. It is used in the Fertilizer Maker and fertilizer tier 3 recipes. To make, mix 1 resin from each tree and 10 saps in Keg. What's more, it has a great selling price, just don't try to eat it.
In update 3.0, the mod received several partial, but incomplete translations. I feel very disappointed but I removed them to ensure that they do not have strange gameplay due to lack of consideration in relation to translations. The mod continues to have Portuguese (by me), English (by me and Matt) and Korean (translation by KAYA). Also, in this new update Kedi added Turkish, but Korean is missing, a lot of things. Our Queen KAYA is busy but hopefully she can add all the stuff. Please, if you know languages ​​other than these, I ask you to help me add new translations for the mod, to ensure that everyone can have fun.
If you install Automate after installing my mod, or if it is already there, the first production of items or even the items themselves will become vanilla objects. If this happens, rest assured that everything will be back to normal afterwards. The mod is also not compatible with the Custom Crystalarium Mod. 
  • A big thanks to my partner Matt, he was the person who helped me from the beginning to continue this mod that I love so much. Without him it would not exist and I would probably be a nobody.
  • Thank you Queen KAYA for the Korean translation, you are super cool and a great person!.Special thanks to all of the discord guys for giving me suggestions and helping me when I needed to.
  • Thanks Kedi for the Turkish translation. We are closer to obtaining all languages xD.
  • My other mods are: Octo Crops | Super outdated, and Seasonal Vanilla Craftables, no update predictions.