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Using the Elemental War as a clue, gradually uncover the history of the dusty Shadow Kingdom and the Dwarven Kingdom. An extremely challenging mod.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
This mod is in beta and there's a lot more to be done!
Currently, 1 NPC, a few events and 42 projects have been added

  • Fix fishing issues and balance fish prices

ConcernedApe mentions The Elemental War in the Stardew Valley, but we know very little about the Kingdom of Shadows and the Kingdom of the Dwarves. I wanted to improve this by adding the two huge kingdoms to the game.

Currently, this mod only covers how to enter the Shadow Kingdom, as the area itself is under construction. The player can enter the Shadow Kingdom after completing 9 missions. (not now, you will only receive a 200W bonus)
Why didn't I make the Shadow Kingdom? Although I wrote "Shadow Kingdom Productions" as the author, I was almost alone in development. The artists have been preoccupied.
I intend on this mod being good for late-game use. When the player is rich, what challenges will interest them? For the beta, these come in the form of difficult fish and puzzles.

What I need now:

Good at fine art: If you are good at fine art and have confidence in your art skills, welcome to join us and help me draw the Shadow Kingdom and NPC (Very Important - It's really hard to draw).
Good at C#: Used to add mod playability, as well as handle bugs.
Good at music: Add your own unique music to this mod.

To translators: 
Please ask me for permission to translate, and I will tell you how to translate some special passages. (This mod already has a Chinese translation)

How to contact me:
  • For people in China, my QQ:2567566730
  • Other countries: I don't know much about foreign social platforms. I'm unsure how you could contact me for the time being, but you can message me on Nexus about other social platforms you use. (Discord is restricted)

You may not make changes to this mod without permission or upload to other sites

Player Guide:
The NPC 
Kalaros will help you progress in the mod, so pay attention to them.

How to access the mod's map:
When the player repairs the Community Center or completes the Joja quest, they will receive a letter from Krobus and can purchase totems to enter the mod's map. The rest is up to you (just ask me if you can't think of a way...)

Minor spoilers:

Medium spoilers:

Full Spoiler: (Severely reduced gaming experience)

Known Bugs:
  • Custom Obelisk framework is causing all stacked totems to be used up at once (may require a C# programmer to fix) so be sure to keep them separated. 
  • Whether a special order can be triggered has not yet been tested,  because it's points are very difficult to test, if there is a bug, feedback is welcome.

Minor problems:
  • If you have the Visible Fish mod, fish look very obtrusive inside the water of my mod. (Can't be solved for the time being, because the river is a specially made GIF)

Q: How compatible is this mod?
A: At least there are no errors in my collection of 411 mods, it is compatible with SVE, RSV, PPJA full set, BFAV, WTDR, WTDG, ZZ and many other modules!Note: This mod is not compatible with mobile as it only works in 1.5!

Q: What is the future direction of this mod?
A: In the next big update, I plan to be able to complete shadow kingdoms and add them to the game, but it is likely to take a long time, because of my academic problems and problems with the production team. So, sorry, this may not be released until 1 year later, now I'm mainly fixing some minor bugs. In the long run. I want to make Shadow Kingdom and Dwarven Kingdom (the latter of which a mod released for recently, but it's a bit out of line with my idea and probably not connected) and hopefully people who want to be involved in the production will be able to work with me.

Q: Are you interested in developing a mobile version?
A: Sorry, I myself am not going to develop a mobile version now and will not be in the future, so if you prefer, you can choose to proxy the mobile version.

Shadow Kingdom Productions:
General Manager:

Art Group:
  • Sensel
  • Evil Dragon
  • Fish
Assisting staff:

Special thank you to Sensel for helping me greatly in the early stages of production and teaching me how to make a mod.
  • Sapiescent (Eng Translation Cleanup)