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This mod adds a new Cannabis Crop to Stardew Valley.

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This mod adds Female Cannabis Seeds, a Cannabis Crop, a Cannabis consumable, and Cannabis Wine to Stardew Valley.

Current version: 1.1.2
- Replaced the Cannabis Wine sprite with a lore accurate rendition that I modified provided by Sammyllama.
  • You can still use the original sprite or the darker bottle sprite provided by Sammyllama by renaming the file 'original-object.png' or 'Sammyllama-object.png' to 'object.png' and removing the current 'object.png' or renaming it. Location: Stardew Valley\Mods\[JA] Cannabis Wine\Objects\Cannabis Wine

Previous version: 1.1.1
- Fixed an issue that was causing the Cannabis Crop to enter the harvest phase everyday.
  • Does not affect currently existing crops. The update will only fix crops planted after the update has been installed.

Previous version: 1.1.0
- Added Cannabis Wine and the ability to produce it in a Keg.
  • Requires Producer Framework Mod: Otherwise, the Wine will be added to the game and you will be unable to produce it in a Keg. Cheats will be required to add it to your inventory.

Cannabis Crop
You can purchase the Female Cannabis Seeds from Pierre's shop for $350 apiece. Because this crop is meant to be a more wild strain of Cannabis, the crop is more resilient in nature and can be grown during Spring, Summer, and Fall. The crop takes 15 days to begin budding with the phase cycle as follows: 2,3,3,3,4. When the crop has reached the harvest phase you must use the scythe to harvest the Cannabis. The crop will have another harvest phase every 3 days after the first harvest as long as it is watered each day. Each harvest has a minimum of 1 bud with a maximum of 3.

Cannabis Bud
Cannabis is technically an edible Flower and gives +45 energy and +20 health. Each bud can be sold for $100. Cannabis is quite popular and is loved by Sebastian, Sam, Abigail, Robin, George, Elliot, and Willy.

Cannabis Wine
(Requires Producer Framework Mod)
You can create Cannabis Wine by putting 1 Cannabis + 1 Grape into a Keg. This requires that you have both 1 Cannabis + 1 Grape in your inventory when placing the Cannabis in the Keg. The Cannabis Wine is thoroughly enjoyed by aficionados all over the world so this is a high-value artisan good. The fermentation process also requires patience as this is known to take 10 days. You can also drink the wine to receive a nice relaxing buzz.

Manual Installation
1. Unzip the file in the Mods directory of the Stardew Valley folder: 'Stardew Valley\Mods'
As long as you have SMAPI, JSON Assets, and Producer Framework Mod installed, this should be the only step.

If this mod receives any downloads or positive reception, I plan on also including Cannabis-related consumables and recipes, and primarily Male Cannabis Seeds with specific behaviors depending on where you plant Male and Female crops in the vicinity to each other.

If you would like to buy me a cup of coffee or send me a donation you can use this link: PayPal
All donations are greatly appreciated!