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Not all weapon mods include crafting recipes and those that do will often place them in the chem station under various keyword names. This mod creates new recipes and sorts existing recipes and places them in one spot! AKA: LETS YOU MAKE ANY GUN YOU WANT FROM MODS YOU HAVE.

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[10/20/20] After many years, I have finally decided to stop playing both Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE. As such, my mods will not be updated again anytime soon if ever. With college being a bigger priority, as well as my boredom with both games I have uninstalled both and moved my mod collected to another hard drive where they will await me in the future. I'm sorry if anyone enjoys my mods, but I will ensure that I have tutorials up to show you how easy it is to make patches for newer mods when they come out. It is also noteworthy that carpal tunnel makes patch-working a miserable job, so that is also a key factor in this decision. Thank you.

All plugins are ESP marked as ESL and do not count towards your limit!

Standalone Workbenches is a hard requirement, everything else is optional.

Now at 146 total weapons as of 09/28/20

Not all weapon mods include crafting recipes and those that do will often place them in the chem station under various keyword names. This mod creates new recipes, sorts existing recipes, and places them in one spot!

I've created new Constructible Objects, Keywords, and edited existing ones in order to make a brand new system in which weapons added by mods are stored in a separate workbench added by Standalone Workbenches! All you need to do is Install Standalone Workbenches, install 'x' weapon, install my patch for that weapon, and place it directly under your weapon of choice and play. The new workbenches should show up in the crafting menu and do not need any conditions to build. The patches I made also do not have hard perk or quest conditions, however I have not edited perk requirements required to further modify a weapon. Initial crafting of a gun will only cost materials, then you'll need required skills to build better attachments. I will not make patches that remove conditions for attachments as that is much too large a task. I will however make various tweaks to certain recipes if I find them annoying or unnecessary. If a weapon mod adds a quest which you need to complete to unlock the weapon, you can completely ignore that and build anyways.

It should also be noted that this mod adds items to only 5/13 workbenches added by SW. It may behoove you to edit the names of the furniture added by SW as to tell them apart from similar workbenches added by mods like AWKCR. Workbenches used are as follows:

I have tried to make these for as many weapons as possible but just note that some weapons will NOT work with this. I made patches for several weapons, but when I went to craft them after creating the patch it would either CTD, freeze then crash, or freeze. You can attempt to try and make these work, or if you're the mod author see what is causing the issue.

I have decided to upload some of the less volatile recipes, which will be featured in a new section (Problematic) in my fomod installer. To use these:
1. Craft weapon
2. Enter command: 'player.moveto player' if you get stuck in the workbench.
This will teleport you to yourself, force-exiting the workbench.

Full list of problematic plugins for your convenience:

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Tutorial Guide on making patches:

BIG THANK YOU to bionicyardiff!!! My mod would be diminutive in comparison if he did not make the modder's resource which my mod is based heavily on.

Also, the one and only tool I used to make this was xEdit. CK was not needed.