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Not all weapon mods include crafting recipes and those that do will often place them in the chem station under various keyword names. This mod creates new recipes and sorts existing recipes and places them in one spot! FOMOD installer has plugin detection.

Permissions and credits

All plugins are ESP marked as ESL and do not count towards your limit!

Standalone Workbenches is a hard requirement, everything else is optional.

Now at 406 total weapons as of 01/22/23

**Substantial UPDATES Feb. 2021**

- The FOMOD installer has plugin detection now.

- I've included all vanilla and DLC weapon and ammo recipes, making this mod a lightweight alternative to AWKCR.

- I have added a 'hard mode' option for anyone who wants a more immersive way to use the recipes I've created or modified.

**Substantial UPDATES April 2022**

- Because of FOMOD limitations, I have created a second installer which will now be in the files section.


Not all weapon mods include crafting recipes and those that do will often place them in the chem station under various keyword names. This mod creates new recipes, sorts existing recipes, and places them in one spot!

I've created new Constructible Objects, Keywords, and edited existing ones in order to make a brand new system in which weapons added by mods are stored in a separate workbench added by Standalone Workbenches! All you need to do is Install Standalone Workbenches, install 'x' weapon, install my patch for that weapon, and place it directly under your weapon of choice and play. The new workbenches should show up in the crafting menu and do not need any perk conditions to build. The patches I made also do not have hard perk or quest conditions, however I have not edited perk requirements required to further modify a weapon. Initial crafting of a gun will only cost materials, then you'll need required skills to build better attachments. I will not make patches that remove conditions for attachments as that is much too large a task. I will however make various tweaks to certain recipes if I find them annoying or unnecessary. If a weapon mod adds a quest which you need to complete to unlock the weapon, you can completely ignore that and build anyways.

Hard Mode

This is an addon for those of you who would like a more immersive way to craft weapons. By default all my recipes do not use perk conditions to craft items. This is not immersive.

For this reason, I have included an alternate way to craft the Weaponsmith, Ammunition, and Explosives Workbench.

If you choose to use this plugin, you will need to find 'Top Secret Schematics' holotapes which spawn on the Quincy bosses.

Remember the guy with the Fat Man who can kill you from a distance? Yeah, that's him. Remember his two other cronies who wear power armor? After they're dead, loot the blueprints and you will be able to manufacture any weapons, explosives, or ammo.

How do they work?

The workbenches are prototypes. But they are missing a vital component! Vault scientists made three holotapes which could generate any schematics and build them on the workbench. Before taking over Quincy. Tessa, Clint, and Baker raided Vault 46 and stole these holotapes. They don't know what they're used for, but they looked important and thus must be valuable. Kill them before they can sell off their loot!!!!!

Extra Info

It should also be noted that this mod adds items to only 5/13 workbenches added by SW. Workbenches used are as follows:

I have not added holotapes for the last two workbenches (hard mode) as they are usually only for cosmetic or functionality purposes and contain very few recipes.


Some mod authors place this keyword on their weapons FeaturedItem [KYWD:001B3FAC]. The keyword marks items as 'legendary' and will try to open a box to show you the weapon. This causes freezes when you try to craft the weapon in the workbench, it can lead to a crash if you spam the craft button. Thankfully hellstorm102 created a mod called No Featured Item popup which fixes the issue altogether. If you don't want to download the mod, you can alternatively use the console command below to unfreeze the game and force yourself out of the workbench.

I have not removed this from every recipe. If you want to do it yourself, feel free. If the keyword isn't on the weapon's record itself, sometimes it's hiding inside the object modification.

player.moveto player

Current Weapon List (fomod 1)


Current Weapon List (fomod 2)


Deleted or Hidden mods List


My Other Mods

I have made other mods that you may want to use alongside this one. They are both fully compatible with this one.

No Weapon Component Requirements or Conditions is a mod that removes all requirements from vanilla/DLC weapons. Meaning you can modify those weapons with no levels or junk items.

No Workshop Component Requirements or Conditions is a mod that removes all requirements from vanilla/DLC workshop items and replaces them with 1 steel. Meaning you can create any workshop item with no perks or junk items.


BIG THANK YOU to bionicyardiff!!! My mod would be diminutive in comparison if he did not make the modder's resource which my mod is based heavily on.

The tools I used to make this were xEdit, FOMOD Creation Tool, and Adobe Photoshop. Thank you to the creators of those. This would have been a lot harder without them.


After someone asked, I created a Kofi page if anyone wants to donate to me. This is purely optional. I will never pull my mods from the Nexus or charge for them.

Link | Kofi