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Total rebuild of the classic Fallout 3 Chinese Assault Rifle for Fallout 4, complete with new meshes, textures, and full crafting, mods, and levelled list support.

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Wasteland Melody's Chinese Assault Rifle
Version 1.2

Miss the classic FO3 Chinese Assault Rifle? Well, so did I!

A re-imagining of the classic Fallout 3 weapon, the Chinese Assault Rifle has been lovingly rebuilt for Fallout 4, with dozens of new meshes and textures all made from scratch. The rifle comes complete with a variety of mods, including multiple stocks, barrels, scopes, and magazines to choose from, all inspired by real-world com-bloc weapons and redesigned for the Fallout universe. This mod also adds the weapon to the appropriate leveled lists via script, meaning it will not conflict with mods which edit the same lists. The weapon can be found in the hands of raiders and Gunners, at stores and travelling merchants, and at a number of unique locations hidden across the Commonwealth.

Xbox One:

Bethesda.net PC:

Q: Where do I get it?
A: From the corpses of your enemies! (It will spawn on Raiders, Gunners, and a few other places like stores).

Q: What if I want it right now?
A: You can console-command it to yourself. Type "help chinese 0" to find the item code for it. It'll be at the bottom under WEAP for "weapon."

Q: My gun is invisible/purple! What's wrong?
A: The game can't find the mesh/textures. The mod probably had an installation issue. Check your settings and re-install.

Q: Why is the reloading animation weird?
A: As of now it is effectively impossible to add new animations, so we're stuck using what's there. Until someone makes 3rd-party tools to add animations to the game, nobody can add them. 

Q: Will this conflict with other weapon mods that update levelled lists?
A: Nope! All the lists are updated via script the first time you load a save with the mod. For this reason I recommend placing it after anything that changes levelled lists in your load order.

Q: Did you use the mesh hidden in the game files?
A: Nope! Not any part of it. I decided to toss it away and start from scratch as both a personal challenge and a way to add some new/different details, as well as support Fallout's left-handed animations (which the original model doesn't).

Unzip, copy + paste to Data folder. Or use NMM.
If you find any bugs/issues, or think the gun could use some balance tweaks, please let me know!

Special thanks to everyone over at r/falloutMods who helped me navigate some of Fallout 4's new challenges, and everyone at Nexus who supported my mod, and I hope you all enjoy!

The rifle comes with the following mods:

-Standard (automatic)
-Hardened (auto, improved damage)
-Powerful (auto, better damage)
-Advanced (auto, superior damage) Marksman (semi-auto, better damage)
-Hardened Marksman (semi-auto, superior damage)
-Powerful Marksman (semi-auto, excellent damage)
-.308 Marksman (semi-auto, excellent damage, .308 ammo)
-5mm Converted (auto, worse damage, better fire rate, 5mm ammo)
-.308 Auto (auto, excellent damage, .308 ammo)

-Standard (regular length)
-Snub (short, better fire rate, poor accuracy / recoil)
-Long (longer, better damage, better accuracy, reduced fire rate)
-Integrally Suppressed (longer, better accuracy, suppressed)

-Folding stock (standard)
-No stock (reduced weight, better hip fire, poor sighted accuracy / recoil)
-Solid stock (better recoil)
-Marksman's stock (superior recoil, better aim with scopes)

-Reflex scope (vanilla mesh, sadly)
-3x Scout scope (3x zoom, see-thru)
-4x Scout scope (4x zoom, see-thru)

-Muzzle brake (better recoil)

Everything has been balanced to make the Chinese Assault Rifle a higher-tier, more end-game weapon. It will start appearing at level 16, and become fairly common by level 28. There's also unique variants hidden in the world!

Following its real-world inspiration, the Chinese Assault Rifle has high damage but stiff recoil, requiring a lot of wrangling to keep it on target during sustained fire. The Marksman (semi-auto) variant is fast and powerful, outstripping similar weapons like the Combat Rifle in pure damage output, but boasts significantly less accuracy and handling than its peers, especially at long range.

The rifle has been added to the appropriate levelled lists with carefully curated variants appearing for each faction. Raiders can be found with chopped-down short-barrelled versions for run-and-gun ambushes, and Gunners utilise the long-barreled and extended-stock semi-auto version for sniper attacks.

The textures are generally all 2k, with the exception of some of the smaller parts.