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Adds the 10mm SMG from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas with completely scratch made assets and a few customisations to turn it into a truly tactical Submachine gun.

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The Fallout 3 10mm SMG is a low cost, high rate of fire submachine gun made for close quarter combat against multiple armed aggressors. This mod adds an expanded upon version of the SMG from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, includes most of the mods from FNV and a few of my own allowing you to make a fully tactical submachine gun for building clearance and is highly effective against fast movers such as creatures and Ghouls. Very effective against raiders in confined spaces like the dreaded infested subways of the ruins of D.C.

*After seeing the SMG abomination in F76 and noticing most of the parts to the SMG are essentially a minature Browning M2 .50, thought I my completed parts for that to be put towards this*

Includes standard Ironsights, rusty pipe sights to allow for clearer target acquisition - a raider's favorite. Reflex and Holosights which add the same bonuses but provide their own aesthetic personal preference.


The standard 10mm SMG comes with the default 30 Round Mag, but this can be upgraded to a 40 Round magazine or converted to the .45 Caliber.


Features 5 Barrel options, including two suppressors for aesthetic purposes on top of providing silent ops. A barrel extender, which increases the overall range of the 10mm SMG for more practicality in longer ranged engagements, and a coveted modification nicknamed Sleepytyme - which houses a built-in suppressor but also increases ROF and damage.


Includes the default stock, which allows for easier concealment but no recoil advantages, a pipe buttstock that's easy to build and provides some stability. These two options however easily become outclassed with the CTR and ACR buttstock options, highly costly to manufacture but provide unparalleled stability and coolness factor.


Base damage = 10mm Pistol
Ver 1.2 Does not contain custom anims for those who can't stand seeing anim discrepancy between 1st and 3rd, I might see if I can fix this idk.

She also may be a little bit on the bigger size, but hey.
Should start appearing on Gunners/Raiders/Bosses after hitting LVL 5.
I've tried to logically balance this as well as I could, but I haven't tested the barrel extender or Sleepytyme properly.
Yes, I know it's a bit odd to have three silencers, but why not, they all look different.


All models and textures created by me. Weapon uses vanilla sounds.
Anims by Wardaddy with additional adjustments and implementation by SpongebobSlavicPants
Levelled List Injection Toolbox - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17782 by a_blind_man to add this weapon to the game, should be able to find it from level 5 onwards, should.