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Adds a Tec-9 to the Commonwealth with custom animations!!!

Permissions and credits
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Version 2.0 is live! NEW ANIMATIONS!

Adds a brand new, fully custom made Tec-9 with 4k textures to the Commonwealth!
Now includes an unmarked mini-quest to find a unique version of the gun. Something about that Skylane flight.

The gun currently has the following attachments:

8 Receivers:
-Standard semi-auto and automatic
-Hardened semi-auto and automatic
-Powerful semi-auto and automatic
-Advanced semi-auto and automatic

4 Ammo Types
-.38 Calibre
-.45 Calibre
-.50 Calibre

8 Mag Types:
-Small Mag
-Quick Eject Small Mag

-Medium Mag
-Quick Eject Medium Mag

-Large Mag
-Quick Eject Large Mag

-Drum Mag
-Quick Eject Drum Mag

3 Barrels:
-Snub Barrel
-Short Barrel
-Long Barrel

3 Stocks:
-No Stock
-Collapsed Stock
-Collapsible Stock

5 Rear Sights:
-No Sights
-Iron Sights
-Glowing Iron Sights
-Reflex Scope
-Sniper Scope

3 Front Sights:
-No Sights
-Front Iron Sights
-Front Glowing Iron Sights

1 Optional attachment:
-Scope Rail(Required for scopes)

1 Muzzle:

Gun Stats:
(Stats may vary depending on perks/S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills/ weapon balance mods)

Damage- 30
DPS- 225
Fire Rate- 74
Range- 83
Accuracy- 67
Weight- 3

As usual remember to backup your save before installing this mod. I take no responsibility for any broken saves.

If you find any bugs please include as much detail in your bug post. Posts such as "doent werk" will be ignored. I can't help if you are going to submit a report like that.

Can be found on Raiders and the Triggermen. Added through scripts!

If you don't want to get it the proper way and would like to spawn it in use this command:

help tec 4 weap    This should show you the weapon ID
Player.additem [ID]                   Type in the ID that shows up

This mod is now compatible with all mods that edit animations!! Thanks to a_blind_man for showing me how to do this!

Now compatible with Visual Reload through a patch! Thanks to a_blind_man again! Go get his other patches here!

The gun is added into the Raider and Triggermen levelled lists through scripts so there shouldn't be any problems with other weapons in that regard.

(Through NMM)

1. Download Nexus Mod Manager if you don't already have it

2. Download the main Tec-9 file alongside update files and optional files (if required)

3. The most important step. Enjoy!


1. Download the main Tec-9 file

2. Extract the .zip and drag all of the individual folders into the Data folder located inside the main directory for your Fallout 4,
(Usually steamapps\common\Fallout 4)

3. Drag the esp in your data folder

4. Install any updates and optional files using the same method as above

5. Hop in-game and enable the esp in the in-game mod manager

6. The most important step. Enjoy!

No 3rd person animations. If somebody wants to make them then go ahead!

AWKCR Support
See Through Scopes Support
Visible Weapons Support
Visible Reloads Support
New Sounds
More attachments
New animations

Creation Kit- Bethesda
Nifskope- NifTools Team
Material Editor- ousnius
3ds Max 2016(Student Edition)- Autodesk
Substance Painter- Allegorithmic
Photoshop- Adobe

Many thanks to all the people who have contributed to the creation of this gun. It wouldn't be as good as it is without you!

for the amazing models! Couldn't have done it without him!
Haru for the mufuckin sexy animations. They have really made the weapon!
Partisan Executioner for those lovely sounds. Thanks mate!
a_blind_man for the Visual Reload patch and collision meshes!
ajhakra- Textures and CK work.

Do not redistribute this mod or any files contained within this mod without my permission.

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