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The REDUX to Service Rifle Expansion Project for Wasteland Melody's Service Rifle.

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A collection of edits and additions to Wasteland Melody's Service Rifle encompassing Vietnam era to GWOT (mid '00s), a classic AR10, and a special unique to find out in the wasteland. Most of the attachments are included in the level list with the exception of the M203s.

The M203's work via scripted aid item and swap almost seamlessly. Craft the "M203 Toggle" from the chemistry workbench then set it to your desired hotkey. In order for them to work you can only have ONE service rifle in your inventory, and DO NOT remove the M203 from the weapon in the workbench if it is currently active. Picking up additional service rifles will render it stuck in whichever firing mode was active until it is the only remaining service rifle in your inventory. 40mm ammo is crafted from the chemistry workbench in small batches, and very rarely will show up on enemies loot pools. Additionally, the AR10 and XM16E1 do not effect the M203 toggling, they can be in your inventory at the same time without blocking the script.

It is also a good practice to equip the weapon you wish to modify when going into the workbench due to the amount of attach points certain combinations can add. This ensures all options show up as they should while in the workbench.

Videos will be uploaded soonish.

Due to changes made to the Creation Kit and Fallout 4, this mod requires an up to date game of v1.10.063+

If upgrading from SREP 2.7.5, uninstall wasteland melody's service rifle and SREP, clean save, then proceed with the instructions below.

  1. Install Wasteland Melody's Service Rifle v1.1 (NOT v1.02, you will be missing textures and meshes)
  2. Install SREP Redux, overwrite 1CAS_ServiceRifle.esp when prompted

  • When updating from an old version of SREP Redux, simply uninstall and install the new version like any other mod. There is no need to clean save or remove WMSR v1.1 after the initial setup.

The end result is the one active 1CAS_ServiceRifle.esp, and blank SREP.esl to activate BA2's, effectively only taking up one slot in your load order, with no dependencies on other mods. This is a standalone .esp, the WMSR 1.1 requirement is for the BA2 archived assets included with it, as I will not repack and re-upload their work.

M203 resource (Insurgency Sandstorm): NewWorldInteractive
Sling on the XM and M203 Leaf Sight: here

Wasteland Melody - Allowing the use of assets and the original Service Rifle
i_code_i for a massive amount of work getting the M203's working, animations, esp work, far too much to list off
F34R and FX0x01 - allowing the use of animations and assets from various mods
HeroicPie - fitting the sling and converting it for use in the mod, also for screenshots/testing
Heffy - (XM16E1 model, from AK's and AR's FO4 beta)
Wanamingo - AR10 Level List and trap activation fix for the 40mm and .300blackout
OhDeer - AR10 texture formatting
Emalphi - assistance and allowing the use of the AR10 (Fallout New Vegas)
Cyrisus - LE stock, and various texture work during SREP
scsmrcw - help with the original mod
navaro - sounds and noises which are also sounds
asXas - M135
Neto - custom poses, screenshots, testing, and the video showcase
Blyatman - custom poses, screenshots, and testing
BigLO - screenshots, testing, SREP logos, headers
LittleLight, Drifter, EvTital, Triangulum, Nightcall - screenshots/testing