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Sci-Fi Grenade launcher with different types of ammunition.

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A powerful, fast-firing grenade launcher. Completely animated for Humans and Power Armor (both 1PV and 3PV).

How To Acquire
There are several weapons with ammo placed around the commonwealth. You will find a few
of them during story missions. Others during exploration.

Optionally, you can also add the weapon to the leveled lists. This allows you to buy the wepaon and ammo from vendors or loot it from boxes. It also allows enemies (Gunner, BoS, Synths) to spawn with this wepaon. The gun can also spawn as legendary weapon.

The weapon will not spawn before level 20.

You can also craft the weapon and the ammo at your chemlab. It comes with some high perk requirements as this gun is desinged as powerful late-game weapon. Same goes for the grenades. If you want them earlier, you can always find a weapon or buy it if you enabled leveled lists injection.

There are rumors about a special version that uses target seeking grenades. Apparently the Institute has a working prototype somewhere...

Different Types Of Ammunition
Ammo type can be selected at the weapons workbench or can be switched on-the-fly with the ammo switcher.
The switcher can be crafted at the chemlab. Switching only works for your currently equipped GRL. You can have multiple GRLs in your inventory. Only the currently equipped GRL will be affected by this script.
Note: If you upgraded from a version before 1.2 to 1.2 or later, you have to stash or drop any GRL in your inventor and pick it up again. This ensures that the scripts attach properly. Any newly looted, equipped or crafted GRL will work without this procedure.

  • High Explosive
  • Incendiary (Explosion emits more particles that also cause a fires around it. Large area effect. Deals high damage over time. )
  • Cryo (Low damage. Freezes enemies in the effect area)
  • Plasma (Possibly melts enemies to a goo pile)
  • Nuclear (Devasting damage. Leaves radiation behind that damages you for up to 30 seconds after the explosion)

  • The Distance Sights are "aligned" to the 400m marking. Aligned here doesn't mean that's the center of the screen but a bit below. This forces you to aim higher. Therefore it's easier to shoot over distance as it compensates for the grenade drop.
  • The incendiary grenades spawn a lot of fire particles. If you shoot very fast, it could cause slowdowns because of all the fire animations. Fixed in V1.3
  • The weapon damage is way higher than vanilla explosives. This is mostly because vanilla explosives are quite useless against stronger enemies.
  • Requires game version 1.10.162 or later.

  • msgamedevelopment (CGtrader) for the Sci-Fi Grenade Launcher 3D model