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Add New Carbin/Assault/Marksman Rifle with modern weapon mods.

Permissions and credits
First,my English is poor,OK?

Bulldog .308 on Fallout4
The Short Rifles M14/M1A Stock System
original is SRSS Bulldog 762

This mod is Add a new Bullpup Rifle based on M14.
And contain modern weapon mods.
This Rifle is just more powerfull than Combatrifle with .308 Receiver.
Customisable from short cirbin to long range sniper style.
As you wish like, Enjoy!

Mod Reveiw

Use NMM.

How to Get
You can craft on Chemistry station under new categry:Bulldog
In futuer,You can buy store or find Boss container

You can immidently switch Full/Semi Automatic and Scope zoom Multipuiler
by Shortcut item in Favorite menu.Its crafted on ChemLab.

To Do List
-more weapon mods(mag,optics,etc...)
-brush up models and textuers
-vender and root by scripts
-Altanate Sound and coloers(If Kindfull others help me)

Have a Problem?
Please Post coments with easy English or Japanese.

This mod is my first One.So I worked on from having nothing knowledge.
Maybe include many problems like barance,looking,spelling...Sorry.

Please upload your image - screenshots and video with this mod,
they will make me so happy!

Q & A
Q.Not VFG Anim in third person, is it Bug?
A. No, its just so.

Q.Sights so Far/near on Aim down in 1st veiw.
A. I tested FOV 80 90 in console. Type "fov 80 xx(your 1st person fov)"

Q. XX is difference to real one!
A. You can send me the real, I would fix.

Great Thanks for
Discord Japan mod comunity
Porterhause:Mod Reveiw