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jkruse05 with assets from Ha_ru - Navarro - and ngabber

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The classic hunting rifle from Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics returns... again. This is an overhaul of my old mod, and includes loads of improvements.

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This is an overhaul of my old Rangemaster. Every single part has been retouched in some way, and several new ones have been added, along with new features. It looks better, feels better, and plays better.
The Colt Rangemaster is a civilian sport rifle that was popular before the war in much the same way as our real world AR-15 platform. I designed my version to loosely resemble the real world AR-16 and 18, which were attempts to simplify the AR-15/M16 platform for export. The core "Standard" version is set up to resemble the variant from Fallout 1 and 2, while the "Wasteland" parts create a silhouette more akin to that seen in Fallout Tactics. The top tier, "Match", represents what a professional shooter might do with aftermarket parts.
Remember that this is not an assault rifle. It should be thought of  primarily as a marksman rifle, but I did include an automatic receiver, and it can be configured to resemble an AR, or even an SMG if desired.

Try it for New Vegas as well.

-A standard array of semi-auto receivers and one automatic. It kicks like a mule, so bursts are your friend.

-Barrels and foregrips are separated, so 3 barrels and 4 foregrips

-4 stocks, and a no stock option

-Wood materials, black synthetic materials, and 4 faction paints

-5 Muzzles

-5 tape options, and one for no tape

-All standard scopes and sights, plus a medium recon, and a set of competition aperture sights

-1 unique variant in an unmarked quest

-Ammo conversion options for 5.56, 5mm, .308, .45, .44, .38, and 10mm, plus different magazine options depending on whether you're using rifle or pistol rounds. More about how this works down below.

-Damage adjustment options for a 25, 50, 75, or 100% bonus.

-An alternate .esp that does things more like the base game, if you like to keep things simple.

-Animations from Ha_ru, originally made for the AKM, they fit quite well. No more HMAR animations means no more Nuka World requirement.

-Reload Sounds from NAvarro, also from the AKM.

-Over 130 textures, handmade in GIMP, and mostly in 2k.

June 27, 2022
Replacer Plugins
- Added two optional files to replace vanilla weapons, one for the Hunting Rifle and one for the Combat Rifle. These files include only a new plugin to replace the default one, you still need the main file or loose files for the meshes, textures, materials, etc.
- The replacers do so by replacing the vanilla weapon within its base Leveled Lists. Please be aware that this may result in conflicts with other mods that edit Leveled Lists.
- Unique weapons will be unchanged.
-Works best with a new game.
-Assault Rifle replacer can be downloaded here.

December 22, 2021
Ver. 1.43
- Fixed the audio issue when using a suppressor with pistol calibers (Xbox version of this update will be delayed about 7-10 days until I can access the files on my old computer again)

May 11, 2021
Ver. 1.42
-By popular request, the recoil penalty on the automatic receiver has been removed, and the recoil of various other parts has been reduced by 10-50%. For poorer parts you likely won't notice, but auto fire with mid and high end parts is at least somewhat more controllable now.

-Included a file with just the new .esp, since no archives have been changed.

November 28, 2019
Ver. 1.41
- Apologies for another update so soon, just had a small fix needed on the new See Through Scopes to make their cross hairs customizable when using the full STS mod.

November 26, 2019
Ver. 1.4
- See Through Scopes added, thanks to the generous work of henkspamadres. They will work without the See Through Scopes main mod, but will be locked to their default crosshairs without it.

- Due to some strange behavior when testing the new scopes the accuracy and recoil on some parts have been adjusted. Muzzles no longer decrease recoil, but rather change the direction and predictability of it. The weapon is now somewhat more accurate overall.

- Added a note on the No Magazine attachment outlining its purpose.

November 8, 2019
Ver. 1.3
-Trimmed the bolt mesh so clipping at rear of receiver is less/not noticeable.

-Made so pistol caliber ammo conversions also change the firing sounds. They use the .44 sounds, so there is still a decent sense of power.

-This should be the final update except for STS compatibility and potentially more faction paints.

November 4, 2019
Ver. 1.2
-Set bodies from unique version quest to unique and applied quest aliases to them. Should keep them from disappearing.

-Adjusted some stats on muzzles. Should be more consistent with descriptions now.

-Set the Medium Recon Scope to use the correct mesh.

-Base damage at 35. This is between a combat rifle and a hunting rifle. When upgraded the Rangemaster is roughly balanced against these two weapons, but will surpass their damage with a .308 conversion.

-Recoil is an important aspect of the balance for this weapon. To encourage it's use as a marksman rifle that is aimed with care, the recoil will make it difficult to stay on target for more than two or three fast shots. Be sure to reset your aim and use bursts with the automatic receiver.

-Ammo types are grouped into a set of rifle round conversions and a set of pistol round conversions. You will only see alternatives for the set you currently have equipped unless you remove your magazine with the "No Magazine" option. The ammo conversion category will then open up all options, but be aware that you will need to build a new magazine if you swap from rifle to pistol rounds, or vice versa.

-Damage adjustment mods require that you have a "Rangemaster Damage Mod Kit" in your inventory. You can make one at a chem station for one wood. It's under Utility. I did this for people who want to trim down some menus, and those who feel just too temped by seeing the option all the time.

-When looking for/finding the unique variant, be sure to inspect the whole neighborhood thoroughly.

-If, for some reason, you are prompted to overwrite something, it should be safe to do so. This should only happen with loose files.

Models, Textures, CK Implementation: jkruse05
Animations: Ha_ru
Reload Sounds: Navarro
Animation Subgraphs and CK setup (stuff that I copied to get animations working): Ngabber
Level List Injection Script: a_blind_man
See Through Scopes: henkspamadres
Beta Feedback: RuinsFate
General help, guidance, encouragement, and advice: the regulars over on the_rotten_core's Content Creator Help discord server, you know who you are.

-There should be no compatibility issues.

Known Issues
-Animations sometimes do weird stuff when NPCs hold the weapon left handed. Not super noticeable.

Does not have the faction paints, in order to keep the file size down.
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