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Adds a Recharger Gun to the Commonwealth.

Permissions and credits
The Recharger Rifle and Pistol from Fallout New Vegas was a really unique weapon. Free ammo and never having to reload. Also the pistol was more advanced than the rifle.

This all started with a great piece of concept art by Troy Pearson with a focus on making it modular and improving on the design.


Steven Janes than turned that into a fantastic 3d model and textures.


Where to find it

It is currently a replacer to the Limitless Potential unique but there is an optional file for adding to the Goodneighbour and Brotherhood vendors instead.

It has the animations for enemies but currently player only. I will add an optional version that adds it to enemies but I'm concerned over the scripts needed for adding their ammo and the disposal of ammo. The player shouldn't be able to see it or pick it up.


All the receivers mirror the laser receivers but have a different layout for the tubes on top and side. Better Critical's on the left and Armour Penetration on the right.

- There's animations for pistol grip and rifle animations for the stock.
- Like the New Vegas rifle the standard magazine is 7 rounds. The maximum upgrade is 20 rounds like the pistol.
- Scopes have a number of options. Improved iron sights and glow sights. There's See through Scope options which are the Combat Scopes.
- The muzzle is mandatory and these is a focus upgrade.
- There's a few skins which also change the colour of the tubes.

- The sounds are all from the Laser gun.


It should look something like the gif below, I have two monitors but the effect isn't the same. One is definitely better than the other. Not sure why. Might be a Fallout thing. 

This effect looks good in first and third person but when it comes to the inspect or mod menu the glass and effects are invisible on most angles. This is a Fallout issue I think and oddly not the same in the Creation Kit.

How it works

There's a quest that adds a perk and adds to the level lists. The perk added has spells and effects that add the ammo when the recharger is equipped. Then it uses the reloadComplete annotation on the animations to constantly reload the weapon. The actual reload is then blocked though the Creation Kit idles as not required.

I've tested with Limitless Potential and it didn't update the HUD when new ammo was added.