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This mod adds a new 10mm pistol to the game: the PJAR Makeshift Pistol.

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So, I made this one a few weeks ago just for me... but since I'm having fun playing with it, I've decided to share it. This mod adds a new gun to the game: a makeshift pistol, featuring (almost) custom animations. I was inspired by the A180 blaster from Star Wars (which is basically a futuristic Luger P08), and I decided to create a makeshift rusty version of it for my character.

It comes with a few modifications for the receiver (the usual ones.. you know), 2 mags (standard and drum mag), a Maxim Silencer, a compensator, "glowing sights" option, wraps for the grip and a lot of different textures to choose (to be honest, the different materials were tests I made to see which one looked better, but I left all the options there).

It comes with custom animations for 1st person.


1 - In some of the images you can see that the index finger in 3rd person dosn't match the position of the trigger and that the left hand has a weird grip position. I already fixed that, but I was too lazy to take new screenshots. Sorry not sorry.

2 - I don't use Power Armors and when I'm in combat I never use the 3rd person camera. So, even though the animatios should work for PA and 3rd person, let me know if you found a bug :)

If I don't answer here, you can always contact me on twitter!

It is a unique weapon. I like my character to have his own unique guns, so I'm not a fan of Leveled Lists. The pistol can be crafted at the Chem Station, but to be able to do it you have to find a brand new magazine first: "Wasteland survival guide: How to make a pistol". The magazine is located in a very convenient location near the exit of Vault 111 (again, I was too lazy).

If you are lazier than me, see the spoiler:


Once you got the Magazine, you'll be able to create the pistol in the Chemstation.

If you don't care about lore, just type the following command in the console:

help pjar 4 weap

A code will appear in brackets next to the ID of the PJAR Pistol. Now type the following in the console replacing XXXXXXX with that code:

player.additem XXXXXXX

lucasncolombo (me) - Developer
navaro - Sounds
And, of course, Bethesda Games Studios for this great game.