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Adds a customizable Desert Eagle to the game. A port of a weapon mod from Fallout New Vegas.

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I LOVE seeing you using things I make SO...

(Only if you wanna :P)

This mod adds a Desert Eagle to Fallout 4. It uses .44 ammo by default with conversion to .38 and .50 Calibers.
It has custom sounds and textures.

Here is a short video demonstration by Oh Deer:

If you are on YouTube considered Subscribing to his Channel. He makes awesome cinematic videos.

The ENB Preset in the video and screenshots are by Oh Deer also. Check out his preset here:

Sugar Bloom II.7 (ENB and ReShade)

IMPORTANT! To get the weapon please make sure you follow these steps first:
Fallout 4 Mod Installation
If you just want to use Console Commands to get the Weapon type this in the console:

Look for the record that has "WEAP" in front of it then type this:

ADDITEM xx000800
Change the two x's to the number the WEAP Record shows.


Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

Flashlight Mod: When you equip the Flashlight it will replace the Pip-Boy light. Once you holster your weapon the light will remain attached to the weapon and will look a bit strange. The only way to fix this is to switch to another weapon and turn the Pip-Boy Light off and then on again.

The Glow Sights: In the new version the Glow Sights do not move at all, so when the slide is pulled back, the back dots stay in place and it looks kind of bad... This is unavoidable because I have moved the position of the Reflex Sight to the front of the Barrel and the original scope node is attached to the Weapon Bolt. Unlike the 10mm animations the Deliverer Glow Sights all move together, instead of the back dots moving and not the front.

TLDR: Either the Glow Sights move and the Reflex will also move or neither of them move. It really isn't too bad, I think it is better than the front dot moving.

Desert Eagle VII Engraved Vegas Edition
Twinke Masta, Vashts1985, Racer445 - Original Model and Textures
jackpack - For the Flashlight from his Weapons Upgrade Pack
DarkFireGaming - For his Weapon Sound Pack
DREADWOLF - For bringing this mod to NV and tweaking it for us all!
Ryz86 - Texture edits/coloring/making textures compatible with DREADWOLF's mod
ChurchieMods - Optional 4K Upscales
registrator2000 - Flashlight Toggle script

Thank you BasedGod