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Adds the The M2019 PKD Detective Special to Fallout 4

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I LOVE seeing you using things I make SO...

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"The M2019 PKD Detective Special is a weapon that is shrouded in mystery. Not much is known about it's origins or even what it's real name is. Some people call it The PKD (Pflager Katsumata series D), some call it M2019 Blaster or The Detective Special. What ever the real name of this weapon is most people in the wastelands simply know it as "That Gun." In the year 2010, a squad of Nexus-03 Replicants revolted against the off-world colony of Tanhauser causing massive struggle to the colonies of Earth. The Replicants were exiled from Earth by the UN in 2011. That same year Earth-based police created specialized units, the Replicant-Detection, commonly known as Blade Runners. Answering the call, the German-Japanese firearms manufacture, Pläger-Katumate Arms, rushed a large-framed powered cartridge revolver onto the Law Enforcement and military markets. The standard issue Plager-Katumate series D Revolver soon became the choice of Blade Runners around the globe and some off-world military contractors and officers. Rep-Detect units in LA, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and London were the first to buy and use the series D Revolver. The need for such a powerful handgun by these specialized police units was due to the hearty construct of the Replicants."

[center]Here is a short video demonstration by Oh Deer:

If you are on YouTube considered Subscribing to his Channel. He makes awesome cinematic videos.

The ENB Preset in the video and screenshots are by Oh Deer also. Check out his preset here:

Sugar Bloom II.7 (ENB and ReShade)

Every so often you might still spin the cylinder, even though it is covered by the gate. Also there is a hammer, due to animation limitations. I couldn't find a way to add a custom reloading sound, so I have an optional file that will replace the .44 reload sound with the custom one from this mod. This will replace any weapons sounds that use the .44 sounds. If you find any bugs please report them in the BUGS SECTION not in the POSTS SECTION or they will be ignored. Thank you!

IMPORTANT! To get the weapon please make sure you follow these steps first:
Fallout 4 Mod Installation
See Location at top of Mod Description in the spoiler.
If you just want to use Console Commands to get the Weapon type this in the console:
HELP "M2019" 4

Look for the record that has "WEAP" in front of it then type this:

ADDITEM xx000800
Change the two x's to the number the WEAP Record shows.

All credit for the original Models and Textures go to Escargot at GameBanana.

Big thanks to Oh Deer for doing the awesome video and screenshots pre-launch so this could all be presented so well.

Thank you BasedGod