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Standalone release of the M1911 pistol from Weapon Addition and Replacement Suite (WARS). An M1911 with a wide range of weapon mods and a more vintage/retro feel.

Permissions and credits

(Note that this video shows WARS rather than M1911-WSW; there are minor differences.)
(Also note that I'm using Commonwealth Warfare to replace the vanilla weapon firing sounds.)

Fallout 4:

M1911 - WARS Standalone Weapon

Version: 1.0.1
Date: 13-01-2021
Author: Antistar (Joseph Lollback)
E-mail: [email protected]

1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installation/Uninstallation
4. Playing The Mod
5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
6. Save games
7. Conflicts/Known Issues
8. Credits
9. Modder's Resource Info
10. Contact Information
11. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
12. Version History


Possibly the most recognisable pistol in the world, the venerable M1911 was the United States Armed Forces' service pistol from 1911 to 1986, and appeared in both Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts and Fallout Tactics.

The pistol in M1911 - WARS Standalone Weapon (M1911-WSW) is based on the M1911 specifically (as opposed to the M1911A1), and overall the mod aims for a vintage/retro feel rather than an ultra-modern tactic-lol feel.

Modification options allow for some distinctive configurations, including for example a stainless steel longslide with gigantic 1980s laser sight, as in The Terminator - or a full-auto machine pistol with Tommy Gun vertical foregrip and Cutts compensator, like the custom M1911s used by gangsters such as Baby Face Nelson and John Dillinger. Add a suppressor to a stainless variant and you have something akin to Agent 47's signature Hardballers/Silverballers from the Hitman games.

Also available is a "bayonet" option - in other words an off-hand combat knife with appropriate animations - referencing Naked Snake's preferred "pistol plus knife" setup in Metal Gear Solid 3.

In-game, the M1911 performs similarly to the 10mm Pistol; just a little more powerful, a little less accurate and with a little more recoil. It is found on NPCs, in loot, and at vendors. There may even be a few unique named Legendary variants to find... (See the FAQ if you would like hints on where to find them.)

See the Playing The Mod section below for some more detailed info on the weapon.

This mod was split off from Weapon Addition and Replacement Suite (WARS), so its assets are duplicates of those found in WARS. If you want to use WARS, you should uninstall M1911-WSW first. (At the time of writing, WARS isn't finished yet - but just so you know.)

2. Requirements

- Fallout 4



- Simply install as usual using a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organiser or Vortex.
--- A manual install should be fine too, but I'll just assume you know what you're doing there.

- After installation, all files - including the readme (please read the readme) - will be found in your \Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data\ directory.

- M1911-WSW uses an ESL-flagged ESP plugin, so it will not take up a load order "slot".


- It's generally not recommended to uninstall Fallout 4 mods with an ongoing save-game, but M1911-WSW specifically is unlikely to cause problems. Make a backup save before uninstalling though, just to be safe.

- Disable/delete as usual using your mod manager.
--- For manual uninstalls, delete all M1911-WSW related files from your \Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data\ directory. Check the M1911-WSW archive file you downloaded to identify these files.


You should encounter the M1911 in normal gameplay; on NPCs, in loot, and at vendors. The weapon is added to levelled lists via script, so it should not conflict with other mods in that regard.

The M1911 has a wide range of weapon mods:

- Receivers
--- The usual vanilla-like selection of semi-auto and automatic receivers.
--- .38 and 10mm conversion receivers.
- Barrels
--- Short Barrel
--- Short Barrel + Glow Sights
--- Standard Barrel
--- Standard Barrel + Glow Sights
--- Long Barrel
--- Long Barrel + Glow Sights
- Stocks
--- No Stock
--- Skeleton Stock
- Magazines
--- 7 Rd Magazine
--- 7 Rd Quick Eject Magazine
--- 10 Rd Magazine
--- 10 Rd Quick Eject Magazine
--- 25 Rd Magazine
--- 25 Rd Quick Eject Magazine
- Sights/Scopes
--- Iron Sights
--- Vintage Flashlight
--- Vintage Flashlight + BUI
--- LPC Laser Sight
--- LPC Laser Sight + BUI
--- Reflex Sight (Dot)
--- Reflex Sight (Circle)
- Muzzles
--- Bare Muzzle
--- Cutts Compensator
--- Muzzle Brake
--- Can Suppressor
--- Osprey Suppressor
- Under-Barrel
--- None
--- Off-Hand Combat Knife
--- Vertical Foregrip
- Materials
--- Blued
--- Stainless
--- Stainless + Wood
--- Two-tone
--- Two-tone + Wood

Note that the "glow sights" are bundled into barrel options (as opposed to being on the Sights/Scopes slot as you might expect) due to some technical limitations associated with how the barrels had to be set up to allow for slides of different lengths. On the plus side this does allow for some more flexibility via mixing and matching iron-sights/glow-sights with the various options on the Sights/Scopes slot. This may be more useful than it sounds since the flashlight and laser sight options that lack backup iron-sights (BUI) will use whichever sights are on the slide.


Q) How can I change the damage this weapon does so that it fits in with this overhaul I use?
A) You can try a mod like Crafting Framework that lets you apply damage modifiers to weapons in-game. Alternatively, you can edit the damage value of the weapon in FO4Edit. It's a single value to change; it's very simple. Briefly: Open the plugin in FO4Edit, right-click on the weapon record and choose "copy as override into". Choose .esp with ESL flag. Enter a name for your new plugin. In the new plugin, edit the "Damage - Base" value - towards the bottom of the weapon record - to be whatever you want. Close FO4Edit, and hit "OK" to save your changes. Congratulations! You've made a rebalance patch.

Q) Does releasing this mod mean that you'll also release other weapons from WARS as standalone mods?
A) No plans for that, sorry. The weapons in WARS are set up quite differently to the weapons in the base game, as WARS is an overhaul mod. They're set up differently because I REALLY didn't like the way weapons were handled in vanilla FO4; it's why I'm making WARS in the first place. I don't have time to essentially redo, from scratch, all the plugin-side work for the weapons - especially for the sake of something that I don't like and won't use myself. I made an exception for the M1911 because at the time of writing... it's Christmas - and it's 2020. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that it's been a rough year - so I wanted to do something nice for people. Merry Christmas everyone, and here's hoping for a better 2021.

Q) Does this mod accurately represent what the M1911 will be like in WARS?
A) In terms of art assets, yes. (Though some of the weapon mods are structured a little differently.) Beyond that though, no. Again, weapons are set up very differently in WARS than they are in vanilla FO4.

Q) Can I have some hints on where to find the unique named M1911s? (SPOILERS)
A) "Baby Machine Gun": Look for a suspicious character in Park Street Station.
"Future Shock": Check out the dam north-west of Walden Pond.
"Snake Eater": Locked up in the BADTFL regional office.


- You don't need to start a new game when installing M1911-WSW.

- It's generally not recommended to uninstall Fallout 4 mods with an ongoing save-game, but M1911-WSW specifically is unlikely to cause problems. Make a backup save before uninstalling though, just to be safe.



- M1911-WSW makes minor additions to several cells, and edits one Location record (though this was flagged as a "Partial Form" which will hopefully limit conflicts there). Use FO4Edit to identify exactly which records are edited by M1911-WSW.

Known Issues:

- Animation issues:
--- In the "vertical foregrip" first-person power armour animations, the left hand doesn't grip the foregrip (instead supporting the main hand as usual) - even though the same animation files have the correct grip when out of power armour. No idea why at this stage.
--- In the "off-hand knife" third-person animations, the knife is essentially glued to the pistol rather than moving with the left hand, as in the first-person animations. I'm not sure if the game's setup for third-person animations would support this working as intended.


- General design, implementation, etc is by Antistar. Basically if it's not explicitly mentioned somewhere in these credits, you can assume that it's something I did myself.

- Animations
--- Based on Hitman47101's Glock set.
--- Tweaks and additional animations by Antistar.
----- Third-person anims, new equip and unequip anims, vertical fore-grip and off-hand knife versions of the anims, off-hand knife melee attack.

- Backup Iron-Sights, Can Suppressor, Glow Sights, Grip Sight Mount, LPC Laser Sight, Muzzle Brake, Skeleton Stock, Vintage Flashlight
--- Models and textures by Antistar

- Compact Slide, Longslide, 10rd Mag, 25rd Mag
--- Based on Isildur's M1911 model, below
--- Additional modelling, high-poly models and textures by Antistar

- Cutts Compensator and Vertical Foregrip
--- Base models by sgtbarney
--- Additional modelling by Antistar
--- Textures by Antistar

- M1911
--- Base model and textures by Isildur
--- Minor edits by Antistar

- Osprey Suppressor
--- Base model and textures by Tigg
--- Minor edits by Antistar

- Reflex Sight
--- Base model by Kaskad
--- High-poly models and textures by Antistar

- Leveled List Injector Script
--- By a_blind_man and Dank Rafft

- Sounds
--- Originals by Bethesda Game Studios
--- Edited by Antistar


You can release something based on M1911-WSW without first asking for my permission, provided it meets the conditions I've laid out below. If you're unsure about something after reading this, feel free to contact me to ask about it. I may refine these conditions over time to make it easier on myself and the end-user - and with that in mind I retain the right to do so if necessary. It probably won't be necessary to change anything drastically... but just in case.

***If you want to redistribute M1911-WSW somewhere:***

This is something I don't give permission for, so please don't. I do like to help people that have some kind of problem using my mods, and this is made much more difficult if they happen to be using a version of the mod from some undisclosed third-party location that may be outdated and/or modified without my knowledge.

I will add an exception here: If - in some distant, dystopian future - Nexus Mods and anywhere else I personally have uploaded M1911-WSW to has ceased to exist, AND I'm not around to re-upload M1911-WSW somewhere else... then you can upload M1911-WSW somewhere so that people can continue to access it. Contact me first and give me time to respond, though. My e-mail address is right there. It's pretty easy.

***If you want to release something that adds to, alters or merges M1911-WSW:***

This is fine; just provide credit for what you've used, as detailed below.

I'd suggest not simply putting out a replacement for the plugin though, unless you absolutely have to for some reason. That would automatically conflict with anything put out by someone who decides to do the same thing as you. It would also break (or be broken by) any potential updates to M1911-WSW itself.

***If you want to release something based on art assets from M1911-WSW:***

M1911-WSW is a modder's resource - for Fallout 4 mods. (See below if you want to use assets from M1911-WSW in something other than a mod for Fallout 4.)

You do need to provide credit for what you use, though. Something like "M1911 from M1911 - WARS Standalone Weapon, by Antistar" for example, ideally with a link to M1911-WSW's Nexus page. Even better would be to credit all the people involved, as per the credits in this readme.

If you want to use assets from M1911-WSW in something other than a Fallout 4 mod, this is only possible for the assets that were not themselves derived from base Fallout 4 assets. That's not my stipulation; that's up to Bethsoft, not me. But hey, if you can back up whatever you're doing with a letter from a Bethsoft lawyer saying that it's okay, go for your life. Like I said, it's not up to me. Just - y'know - be classy and provide credit for what you've used.

The only things derived from base Fallout 4 assets are the sounds and some of the animations (technically), so this seems unlikely to come up, but I need to say it.

Finally, resources from M1911-WSW can only be used in non-commercial projects.


My e-mail address is [email protected]


By downloading and using this modification, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the aforementioned modification. Use at your own risk, basically.


Version 1.0.1 (13-01-21)
- Added: .38 and 10mm conversion receiver mods.
- Changed: Base damage increased from 22 to 24.
- Fixed: Grenade throw animation no longer locks you in first-person (among other issues) after throwing your last grenade.

Version 1.0 (24-12-20)
- Initial public release.