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Adds an FG-42 to the Commonwealth

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The FG-42 artwork is by Joe-Louis and a really fantastic model.

If you're like me and only play Fallout then you might not have seen this weapon. It was developed in WW2 for German paratroopers. They needed a lightweight weapon that a soldier could be deployed with. They ending up creating an awesome gun and very ahead of it's time.

It is now a very rare and expensive gun so that is reflected in this mod. It's not added to the leveled lists and there is one in the Museum of Freedom in a Gun Case with a max level lock. The same as the Cryonator except the Gun Case isn't frozen. If you use any mods that edit this cell then you may have a conflict.


Standard receiver options
4 Mags (2 quick eject)
2 Barrels
Lots of scopes, Combat Scopes require See Through Scopes (ensure you have the behaviour file or your your scope will not be see through)
2 Muzzles

There is also a shorter stock but this is intended for 3rd person players and to avoid clipping.


I don't thank the Fallout modding community enough and there are so many people that have helped me and given me tips. Thank you to everyone that has helped me.

For this mod specifically, ColdFrontST has been a great help and support in putting this mod together, balancing, testing and screenshots. Ricoginger and Wanamingo have both shown me lots of great tips on animation and texturing. Prilladog has also helped with testing and Darkone259 for screenshots. Ajhakra for his great cubemaps.