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Yes, this is another one program for creating .xml files for FOMOD instalations.

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Recently i made two FOMOD installations, one i made manually from scratch, another one with one of a program from out here with some manual editing. And both times it took several hours to make work with NMM. It just a little bit less time then i spend on making mod itself! Ridiculous! I wasn't satisfied with functionality that provides that program and, of course, i didn't want to spend hours on making stupid .xml manually... so i decided to make my own fomod creation tool with blackjack and hookers steps and conditions! That's right, with FOMOD Creation Tool it's possible to make multi-step installations with conditions. I tried to not overload interface with controls, but it's harder to do than say. I'll not post here wall of text about how exactly to use the program, you may find this information in ReadMe file, or right in the program.

As far as i know right now the program cover 99% of fomod specification. There is a long-long list of what was added and removed in the changelog tab.

Language files
There are six stock language files in a package:
  • English - program original language;
  • Russian - manually translated.
  • Chinese - complex and simplified by ThekingdomSCH.
  • Chinese - complex and simplified by 332671403.
  • Spanish - by RocoFO3.
  • Japanese - by yohru.
  • Italian - by Roger08.
  • German - automatic translation with google translator.
  • French - automatic translation with google translator.
Very likely automated translations are pretty dumb, so just open a language file and edit it. You also can make a new one, for this follow instructions:
  • Copy any existing language file in the 'Language' catalog.
  • Set the name of this copy to correspond language you are about to translate.
  • Open it any text editor you prefer, select all, and cut.
  • Open any translator that supports whole text translation. For example google translator. Past text to it. Don't forget to specify languages from and to which you translating.
  • Check the result. Keys should not be translated, the file should save it structure key = "value" where the only value should be translated. Manually edit translation if needed.
  • Copy your translation and past it to a copied file, save it. Now yoг can choose this language file from settings window in FOMOD CT.

Technical information
  • Written on C++.
  • Development environment: CodeGear™ C++Builder® 2009
  • Support Unicode XML files in UTF-16 (UCS-2) Little Endian encoding only.
  • Tested on Windows 7 x64
  • Stand-alone executable. May run without any assets if needed.

If you paranoid one and don't trust .exe file then you may download source file in miscellaneous section, download Builder, and compile everything yourself.

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