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A standalone replica of the StG44 from Battlefield V, complete with a full animation and sound set.

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This mod adds a standalone StG 44 weapon, complete with Battlefield V first-person animation and sound set. Originally intended to be an animation edit of Sam Fisher's original StG44 mod, it turned into a complete, standalone redesign. Many attachments have been removed and some options have been added in their place. The idea is to create a simple replica of the BFV StG44.

The animation set features two reloads, empty and full. Since partial reloads are not feasible, I have implemented them into attachments. The empty reload has 30 shots. The full reload, (though normally would have 30+1 in the chamber) still has 30 shots, assuming the player strategically stops before the final round is fired.

The sound set from BFV features outdoor/indoor firing sounds for both single/auto fire-modes. Sounds are recorded from the game meticulously and cleaned as much as possible.

Console commands only, by design. Simply enter into the console, "help stg 4 WEAP" to find the ID. Then enter, "additem (ID) 1"

This mod is standalone. You probably shouldn't use it with the original mod.
Compatible with any potential retexture of the original StG44 mod.
No third-person animations as usual. The gun may look wonky in 3P.

Original StG44 mod - Sam Fisher (and all other relevant credits on that page)
Animations - BFV, faithfully recreated by zestoflemon
Sounds - BFV