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Adds an all new custom animated Fallout friendly Shotgun to the game, complete with all power armor animations and various cosmetic customizations. Also includes explorable dungeon.

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The eighth addition to the Select series, the Select Shotgun is a pump action revolver shotgun found deep within an underground relay tower access dungeon thing. This weapon isn't based off anything and was designed to fit the universe in a lore friendly way.
Features some of the usual weapon modifications, paint jobs, and all. Also, this weapon can be customized in 4 separate categories independently from each other:

-Primary Material
-Grip Material
-Accent Material
-Charm Badge Logo

The video below shows some of the customization options. My favorite build is to make it look like a Nuka Cola Shotgun!

This weapon was actually a community effort created by my YouTube subscribers and Facebook followers! Last time we made the Select Marksman Rifle. This time around, we put together a big list of possible weapon options and everyone voted for their favorite features. We combined them to make up the idea of a new single barrel pump action shotgun. We will definitely do it again so check out the links. See poll results below to see the top voted for features this time around.

The weapon can be found inside of Radio Tower 3SM-U81 (coc relaytower01ext, vanilla exterior location). The Radio Tower can be found north of Mass Fusion Containment Shed. There is a metal hatch to get under the Radio Tower. The last two photos up above show the location.
Once far enough inside the dungeon, the weapon can be found in the arms of a prewar soldier. Once obtained for the first time, the weapon can then be crafted at a Chemistry Bench under SEL. SHOTGUN.

Dungeon Information:
The dungeon is of average size. It is mildly puzzly as doors will be locked until you do what you need to do to progress. There is no associated quest or quest markers nor are there any voiced NPCs. You read terminals to figure out what to do and learn the lore of the location. You can however progress in the dungeon without much reading by just doing things. Overall, completing the dungeon probably takes around... 20-30 minutes? I'm not sure how to gauge that lol.

This weapon is fully animated for both 1st person and 3rd person, as well as 1st person and 3rd person Power Armor. 
They can also be legendary, the Select Shotgun was added to the random Legendary roll. Starts showing up at level 22.
For console commands: 'help select 4 weap' or use XX000F99

The video below is for if you're stuck at some point in the dungeon, little walkthrough video. Spoilers!

Installs like any other mod. No DLC or Mod requirements. Install with NMM/Vortex or enable through the Mods menu in Fallout 4.

Three Download Options!

Has all the things. The gun, the texture options, the dungeon.

Has the dungeon and the gun but no texture options. This is also the Xbox version.

Proper Compacted ESL. Gun only, includes texture options. No dungeon. Craft at Chem bench.
Would not recommend this one if your save game already relies on the Full or Lite version.

Why the big file size?
This is mostly from the many texture customization options lol, I was surprised too. Also precombined geo plays a big factor. Xbox does not include the customization options because of this. 
There is also a Lite version of the mod in the files tab that includes none of the cosmetic textures for those of you wanting something simpler. Well, you can still change out the badge logo. 

Why does using this gun and Classic Holstered Weapons crash my game?
There is a fundamental issue with how this gun works and how CHW works that will cause a CTD. However, there is an optional version of the mod for those of you who use CHW that can be found in the Files tab.
But why?
I modeled the Select Shotgun with animation ideas in mind head of time. In order for some mechanicals to animate and function correctly, the gun needed to be skinned. Normally guns in Fallout 4 aren't skinned (though in Fallout 76 every single weapon is skinned lol). From what I can tell, CHW fakes your gun onto your back by using the same meshes as the mod does (naturally). And because this weapon is skinned, the game doesn't seem capable of finding a way to display it properly and then crashes. My assumption anyway. So for those who use CHW and the CHW v, the weapon is kind of cheaply fixed and unskinned so there's no incompatibility issues.

What is that slick new Power Armor shown in the video and screenshots?
That Power Armor is out now! See this Nexus link for SE-01Power Armor.

I don't mind this mod being in Collections, but if a problem arises from someone's mod pack relating to this mod... well in short I won't be fixing it. I ain't got time for that! That's the mod pack author's problem lol.

Vanilla compatibility: This mod makes a persistent edit to one worldspace cell (RelayTower01Ext) but doesn't break precombined.
Mod compatibility: For mod patches, (Horizon, AWKR whatever lol, etc) contact me should you make your own for upload to the Nexus so I can post links below.
For Mod Authors: This mod uses 'SSTG' as the shorthand for all form ID's and file paths.
Available patches:
None yet


11-08-2022 | Initial Upload -1.0
11-12-2022 |
Minor Dungeon only Changes -1.0.1
Fixed some Navmesh issues for companions
--------------------------------Should help NPC's in the dungeon
----------------Dungeon items required for progression will no longer move from their expected location
----------------Added Select Shotgun Weapon Only version. Contains no Dungeon, Compacted ESL only.
--------------------------------Craft at a Chemistry Bench, Legendary drops still work
04-19-2023 | Just a couple things -1.0.2
--------------- Fixes an issue where the player couldn't craft the cylinder modifications
--------------- New update to the idle animation for when you're just standing still in first person
11-16-2023 | Added a CHW compatible version of the Select Shotgun -1.0.2