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Adds the MK14 EBR weapon system to Fallout 4

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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy using this mod! Unfortunately, due to the realities of life, I have extremely little time to spare on modding. Thus, unless something absolutely game-breaking happens, I will not be managing this mod any longer.

Custom animations!
Credits to Steampunk755!

If you are updating to the newest version, please delete all folders named 'mk14' or uninstall mod from NMM before installing!

Before popping a question, consider reading the FAQ. You'll be surprised how often some questions get asked!

Extra Downloads:

Wearable Weapons. Credits go to Kikaimegami!


It's a MK14 EBR. It's essentially a modernised M14. Which itself is a modernised M1.

Check the sticky post!

Place everything into .....Fallout 4/Data. To add weapon into your game, type in 'help mk14 4', and note down the ID of the WEAP entry. Type in 'player.additem id 1' to complete the process.

(v1.1) AWKCR is now supported! Craft it at the Weapon Bench.

(v1.5) Found in Publick Occurrences 

(v1.7) Found in a lot more other places now!

Where to find
Diamond City, Publick Occurences, just behind Nat Wright selling papers. 
Bunker Hill, top of the obelisk.
Prydwen, next to weapon workbench next to quartermaster
Railroad HQ, next to weapon workbench
Castle underground, on floor right of fusion core generator
The Third Rail, Goodneighbor, in Maccready's room.

Brand new model with fully functional normal maps
Textures built ground-up with physically-based rendering in mind (ie. weapon will react with lighting).
Extensive system of mods to personalise weapon from DMR to CQB rifle.
Tailored balancing system to allow the player to balance this weapon along with other weapons in-game.

The rifle has a base damage of 55 33 (10% less than a hunting rifle stock). By default, it comes with a semi-auto standard receiver, short barrel, Mod 0 stock, ironsights and a flash hider. Available mods are:

Flash hider
Muzzle brake

Leupold CQBSS 1.1-8x
Elcan SpecterDR 1-4x
EOTech XPS3 - 1.2
EOTech XPS3 w/ G33 magnifier - 1.4
S&B 3-20x50 PMII - 1.5

Surefire M952V - 1.6

Swappable reticles (SpecterDR, XPS3) - 1.3

EBR Mod 0 
EBR Mod 1 (CTR)
EBR Mod 1 (CTR w/ cheekrest)
EBR Mod 2

Long barrel
Short barrel

Receiver mods (semi and auto) - v1.1

Most of these mods will cosmetically affect the weapon. More mods to be added in the future.

Known Issues
Reload sounds are missing for NPC and power armour usage (3rd person only). This also happens with the weapon I derived it on, the submachine gun. No fix known to me.

Reload animations will seem a bit dodgy. Again, nothing I could do about it: it's not a bug at all, just an unfortunate reality.

People with lesser VRAM cards may experience some missing or compressed textures. I'm working on making a lower-res version to help people cope.

The gun is held quite a bit forward due to animation restrictions.

When will you release new features for this mod?
I am not operating on a strict time frame, so I cannot answer that question.

Will you release this mod to consoles?
Eventually, yes. It'll be mostly the same except I might have to decrease the texture sizes a bit to accommodate for the hardware.

When will you release this mod to consoles?
When I get rid of all the bugs. Right now, I'm pretty much there, but I'm giving it a few more weeks to see if any actual bugs pop up.

How do I switch zoom?
Workbench for now.

Will you accept requests for this mod?
Most likely no. Unfortunately, time is very scarce for me, and thus most requests that do not interest me will be declined. I’m anticipating that people
ask me about making an original M14, and my answer to that is no for the time being: another mod exists to sate your appetite.

Can I use parts of this mod (ie.Attachments) for my own release?
For individual models, like attachments – no.
For retextures, feel free to release them. Just credit me and link back the mod to my page, and only upload the textures.
Note that I said it's for release: if it's for your own personal mod, go nuts!

Can I upload this mod elsewhere?
Retextures, plugin (translation, stats balance, compatibility) - yes
Entire mod - no
Portions of meshes, textures, sounds - no.

Why is the handle of the left?
Due to animations restrictions, the bolt handle must be on the left hand side of the weapon. Please do not request a ‘normal’ version. There will never become until animations allow for this.

Why is the reload animation off?

If I use the 'proper' reload, which is based off the Combat Shotgun/rifle, the 3rd person grip will be completely off. If I use the SMG animation set, which has a proper pistol grip but a horrible reload, I get this. There is absolutely nothing I can do about this.

Recoil is severe! What gives?
Adjust recoil on the workbench.

Why are there so few mods?
I’m not a fan of adding weapon mods that don’t actually change the appearance of the weapon. Mods like ‘hardened receiver’ makes no sense to me,
so I’ve decided to forgo those. 
Due to popular demand, receivers are now implemented. This should solve the issue of the weapon being overpowered in earlier levels.

Also, as it turns out, making a new EOTech takes ages. Mainly coz there's a lot of parts and gears and whatnot. And coz I'm fairly incompetent with Blender. The cherry on top would probably be the fact that I'm lazy.

Oh, and I'm not porting. In other words, I have to spend 20 times the time it takes minimum to port something to make it in Blender.

This gun isn’t lore friendly! Why choose this rifle?
Because I like how it looks. And since when has lore-friendliness stopped anyone?

Can you make a 5.56mm variant?
No: if you want 5.56mm weapons,there’s several AR-style mods. The M14 is a .308/7.62mm rifle only, and will stay that way. That also includes .50 BMG variants.

My gun is invisible! What's happening?!

If you updated from 1.0 to 1.1, you will (not might) face this problem. To fix, simply go to a weapon workbench and craft a new receiver. Once done, all the other weapon slots will re-appear, where you can re-apply your mods.

Are you going to implement levelled lists?

No, at least not until I could do so without ruining compatibility with other mods. That would require GECK.

Why do other gun mods look so different to this mod?

Because chances are said gun mods don't utilise the PBR scheme, seeing as how quite a few were ported from non-PBR games. Metals will be especially apparent in this regard: while non-PBR guns might look fine in screenshots, the moment you move them around, the effect is much less convincing. This is not meant to be taken as a shot at other modders (because this issue isn't related to skill), but rather the reality of modding Fallout 4.

Mod Reviews

"Yo! This mod is absolutely GARBAGE! You have like 6 different versions to download. I want the version that can adjust the recoil, the damage through the workbench, AND the one that can utilize the EO tech Sights. It seems you only offer one or the other. So which files is the one that actually f***ing works because i've been deleting, reactivating, and booting fallout 4 for the past hour trying to figure out why your mod is so retarded."


"Now your gun is completely invisible in my hand! What gives? What the f*** is up with the mod? which file do I download so it actually works??"

Anthony90995 redux, link

Yeah, Your mod is riddled with bugs.

Anthony90995 redux 2, link


dazzerfong - meshes, textures, sounds, plugin work
Niar26: Assistance of plugin, beta testing
AceOfSnakes, patriotickevin: Beta testing

Companies that designed components of this mod in real life:

SAGE International Ltd
EOTech Inc
Magpul Industries
Smith Enterprises, Inc
Leupold & Stevens, Inc
Elcan Optical Technologies