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About this mod

This mod adds the bullpup rifle VHS-2 to Fallout 4 with a lot of customization and fully leveled list.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin

This mod adds the Croatian VHS-2 to Fallout 4 with a bunch of features :

Empty and Half Mag reload system
Custom Animations
Custom Models and Textures
16 custom sights
7 custom grips
5 custom mags
4 muzzle devices
Laser and Flashlight
Multiple materials

The weapon works with See Through Scope, it's not a requirement but you will need it if you want your scopes to work. The weapon is fully leveled list and starts spawning at level 20. You can buy it to the traders, craft at the ChemLab under "Weapon - VHS-2" category, or you can give it to yourself by typing "help VHS 4" in the console and using "player.additem ID".

The Extended Weapon System made by Code, is still in beta, and is an optional file. You MUST not have Weapon Jiggler Remover installed or the system won't work. Make also sure it is loaded after See Through Scope. I highly recommend that you install the Manual Reload by Bwones, it works much better with it.

Animations doesn't work in third person using Power Armor.

The Extended Weapon System will fail to reload on an empty mag in full auto, you will have to press R for it to work. It's the reason why Manual Reload by Bwones is highly recommended.

I initially planned on doing the Grenade Launcher but I don't have the faith to do it. After this mod I take a small break of modding, since Cyberpunk is out, I have got a city to burn. I already have my own projects in term of modding, so no need to ask me to do a mod or whatever. I won't add any features to the weapon, only things that I will do is bug fixing if there is the need for.

VHS-2 Original models, textures and sounds - New World Interactive
ForeGrips Original models and textures - New World Interactive
Scope/Reflex Original models and textures - New World Interactive
Magpul and L5 mag Original models and textures - Parallax Game Studios
GrenadeThrow, MineThrow, Melee animations - MaxG3D
Extended Weapon System - i_code_i
Screenshots - LittleLight, Drifter,
HeroicPie, Gordon

Ha_ru, for all the good advices about animation
i_code_i, for letting me use his reload framework
MaxG3D, for letting me use his animations
LittleLight, Drifter, HeroicPie, Gordon for the screenshots and testing