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Adds G67 Battle Rifle as a new weapon. Optional replacer for the Combat Rifle models is also available.

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  • Russian
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The G67 (Gevær 67) battle rifle was designed as standard issue rifle of the Scandinavian Union that was formed by Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland after the breakdown of European Commonwealth in the 2060 after the end of the European Commonwealth-Middle East War and during the European Civil War. The design process was started in 2062 and was finalized 5 years later. The design was based on the Finnish service rifle of the time, but went under several improvements to better suit the requirements of the Union. The rifle proved to be highly reliable in the cold atmosphere of the Scandinavian region, so the Union received order for small batch of rifles from the U.S. Army to be used by certain specialized troops in Anchorage Campaign against the Chinese. 


- The contents are completely standalone, and don't replace anything existing. 
- The G67 can be bought from Kleo in Goodneighbor after reaching level 38 (alternatively obtainable with console). 
- Complete mod support.
- Alternative Wooden Furniture that can be changed at weapon workbench without additional installations or file replacements.
- Optional file that replaces Combat Rifle models with G67 models.

About the CR Replacer:

The replacer requires the core texture, mesh and material files to work, but doesn't require the main .esp. It is compatible with mods that adjust the weapon characteristics, but doesn't affect weapon mods that are added through other mods (this requires separate patch or modification to the mod). The replacer only affects the visual aspect, so all other weapon characteristics remain the same. The bayonet uses the vanilla mesh, and as result appear as if it were floating around the barrel.

AWKCR compatibility patch 


- Added Bayonet as new muzzle mod.
- Improved the diffuse and specular textures to add more definition to the diamond pattern checkerings.

- Added Glow Sights and Close Range Glow Sights as sights option.
- Added Wooden Furniture as alternative material (can be changed at weapons workbench).
- Increased the AP cost to make it more balanced in VATS.
- Improved the specular maps.

- Fixed issue with Reflex Sight not showing up properly in the mod list.

Tools used:

Material Editor

3ds Max (for .nif conversion)
Corel Paintshop Pro

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