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Adds a M1014 shotgun with many attachments and custom animations to the game!

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Check out this video/demo for the new animations!
Thanks Steampunk755!

Version 5.0 Now live!!! New animations!


Adds a brand new standalone M1014 shotgun, with 2k and 4k textures, to the Commonwealth! The gun includes 6 new ammo types which can be crafted in the chemistry station!

Now with a fancy in-game texture changer!! No need to download a different file just to change your texture choice!!!

Currently has :

10 Receivers
2 Barrels
4 Stocks
7 Rear Sights
3 Front Sights
6 Ammo types
4 Muzzles
2 Textures

As usual remember to backup your save before installing this mod. I take no responsibility for any broken saves.

If you find any bugs please include as much detail as possible in your bug post.

Guess what. The Lever Action reload has been fixed. No, seriously, go check it out here!


Should be compatible with all other weapon mods as the M1014 is added to level lists through a script.

Now compatible with See Through Scopes. This mod is not required to use the combat scopes but is required if you want to change the cross-hair on the sight!

Now compatible with AWKCR. Weapon is only craftable in the AWKCR workbench. The patch is available as a download in the optional files section.

Now compatible with Visible Weapons. No need to download a patch to get it working though!

Now includes new animations! These are added through their own race and wont interfere with any other animations.

Any recommendations for any sort of compatibility patch or extras for the gun are more than welcome!

Known Issues:

Many thanks to all the people who have made videos for the mod! Much appreciated!!

Version 3.0 Videos


Peasant Gaming - Video(V3.0)

Version 2.0 Videos

XPMGamingTV- Video(V2.0)

Version 1.0 Videos

Pixelgamer - Video(V1.0)

Bob Sharkteeth Ripper - Video(V1.0)

theDeluxeSam - Video(V1.0)

Made using:

Creation Kit- Bethesda
NifSkope- NifTools Team
Material Editor- ousnius
3ds Max 2016(Student Edition) - Autodesk
Substance Painter- allegorithmic


tigg for the amazing model!!
nolifepothead for the amazing fixed stock mesh!!!
Magmacow for the beautiful sounds!!!
kinggath for the creation of the script allowing the correct reloads.
Steampunk755 for the absolutely amazing animations. Go check him out!
ajhakra- Mesh edits for the attachments,creation of the esp, creation of the textures.

Do not redistribute this mod or any files contained within this mod without my permission.

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