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AlexScorpion and Wardaddy aka Steampunk755 aka Father aka Le Chef aka Windows 95 streamer

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Adds a highly moddable new weapon to the game, the good old Makarov pistol.

Permissions and credits
Makarov PM
by AlexScorpion


Version: 0.1d
Date: 3-12-2017
Category: Weapons
Mod's Website:
Known Issues and Bugs:
- Due to different types of scopes i'm forced to use seveal keywords for the
scopes so it's possible to attach two scopes at the same time :p.
Currently looking for a way to fix that.

- Description:
Adds a highly moddable new weapon to the game, the good old Makarov pistol.

Legal and Licensing:
- Ask first.

Tools Used:
- 3ds max
- Photoshop
- Creation Kit
- Audacity
- Nifskope

Adds a highly moddable Makarov Pistol to the merchants, raiders and gunners. With all kinds of attachments  weapon can be modded from a humble Makarov into a silent assassin pistol or into a fast firing smg or a sniper.

- Can be crafted at the Chembench.

- 2-12-2017: release
-3-12-2017 : fixed the glowing sights
-3-12-2017 : tuned down the firing sound
-3-12-2017: fixed the sound for the NPC's
-3-12-2017 : fixed the 3rd person slow walk issue
-6-12-2017: -Made the long slide purely cosmetical, now you can upgrade the receiver without changing the looks.
- Added 5 new colors for the grips. NOTE because the parent node is attached to the grip and not the receiver, having multiple makarov pistols with different grips will cancel out the color option for one or another pistol, to solve that just equip the pistol that you want to modify before entering the workbench menu.
- Merged all esps in on FOMOD with install options.
-9-12-2017: added 3 more skins for the short receiver and 1 for the sovjet grip
- fixed damage modifier popping up when attaching rail
- Updated some idles, like aiming down the sights.
* packed all textures into ba2, loads a lot faster now
* removed them from lvld lists, now it can be created at the chembench
* added more texture options, low, high, ultra.
* fixed some requirements

- Wardaddy- Animations
- Navaro - Sounds
- ajhakra -   Big Credit for help with CK
- Millenia and Doombased - For the laser beam technique implementation i have copied from them.
- a_blind_man -Leveled List Injection Toolbox
-browncoatgarrus - Caliber patch