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This mod adds the G3 Battle rifle to Fallout 4 with a lot of customization, leveled list and unique variants.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin

This mod adds the German HK G3 with multiple variants like the G3A3, G3A4, G3SG1, HK51 and the PSG1 as well as a bunch of other features :

Full Custom Animations
Tactical Reload compatible
Custom Models and Textures
25 custom sights
11 stock options
9 handguard options
8 custom foregrips
5 barrel options
2 custom mags
2 body options
9 muzzle devices
Laser and flashlight
Various materials

The mod comes with 4 weapons, the HK G3, the HK 51, and two unique variants, the HK G3 and HK 51 can be crafted at the chemlab, or can be bought to traders (With lvl list patch), the two unique variants can be found on the top of Mass Fusion building and in the Old gullet Sinkhole. You have an optional file for Lvl list, weapons starts spawning at level 20.

WARNING the mod works with see through scope, you need it only for scopes. There is an optional file for tactical reload, you need the main file with it. Make sure to install tactical reload first, and to take the see through scope patch that comes with it. Drum mag doesn't have tactical reload for it to not be too overpowered.

Animations doesn't work properly in third person using Power Armor.

G3A3 and G3SG1 - Luchadordev
MP5 parts - Luchadordev provided/ported by FX0x01
Majority of the sights, Top rail, Some of the muzzle devices, Bayonet and sounds - New World Interactive
Modern stocks - ParallaxgameStudios provided/ported by FX0x01
LCO, MRO - ParallaxgameStudios, provided by Etcapra
Docter - ParallaxgameStudios, provided by Crucidox
AFG grip - ParallaxgameStudios, provided by SpongeBob
Majority of the foregrips and covers - ParallaxgameStudios
UBR stock - ParallaxgameStudios
Drum Mag model - Noodum provided by NovaFinch
Drum Mag textures - NovaFinch
Stock adapter - zRaider provided/ported by NovaFinch
Anpeq15 - Odec3D provided/ported by NovaFinch
SRS02 - Stefan Engdahl
T1 - Rick Greeve
PSG1 parts - Noodum and Krycek
A4 Stock and Picatinny handguard models - Utherien
FAB Defense VFG - Rebel Thorp, provided by SpongeBob
KAC and RVG foregrips - 3DSanTan
Noveske, X300 - Johannes Bazaryan
Animation additives - Ha_ru
Minor meshes work - HeroicPie and Drifter
Custom poses for screenshots - Neto and Drifter
Screenshots - Drifter, Neto, HeroicPie, LittleLight, Barbara, Gordon, Trianglum
This mod is DONE, which means there won't really be any updates for it aside from bugfixes and such.

Please don't ask me for any other weapons.

Yes, we know this weapon isn't lore-friendly. Yes, we also know that the weapon might not be realistic.
Suggestions/requests will usually be ignored since we already get a lot of them from our friends (and we ignore them too).