Fallout 4

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This mod adds a lot. 30 new weapons, 6 new explorable cells, 2 new voiced npcs, and unique weapons which are not added to leveled lists.

It's pretty fuckin rad.

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I've been away from the nexus for a while, but it's finally time to release this hulk of a mod. 

This mod adds 32 new melee weapons into the game, including all of my previous melee weapons, and quite a few new ones as well. Some of them are unique, others are added to leveled lists. 

This game does not use vanilla leveled list addition methods as a way to get raiders to use the weapons, so bashed patches are not needed and will not effect this mod. 

This mod does, however, use a script to add weapons to the leveled list. Keep that in mind when uninstalling/reinstalling this mod all willy nilly as it may cause issues down the road. I advise throwing this mod into your game in the beginning/in the middle of your playthrough, and then not installing too many more leveled list weapons. 

This mod also adds unique locations, and new npcs that have one of a kind weapons, much like the unique weapons in Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas. 

There's also voiced npcs. So there's that. 

Want a list of all the weapons in the mod? Get ready.
The Winchester Bowie Knife, Puma Bowie Knife, and Sawback Bowie Knife
The Chinese Greatsword
The Tomahawk and Combat Axe
The Ka-Bar Knife/Sword/Tanto (come with animated flame and electricity mods!)
The Boxcutter (ACB-90 from battlefield)
The Dadao (unfortunately)
The Fireaxe
The Frying Pan
The Gladius
The Hatchet, and Combat Hatchet
The Huntsman Knife
The Karambit
The Kukri
The Laserblade
The Raiju
The Tactical Katana
The Tom Brown Tracker Knife
The Bumper Sword
The Bull Dozier
The Gravity Fist
The Kanabo

Along with 7 other unique melee weapons that can't be obtained in any mod but this one. those include:

The Deathclaw Karambit, the Laser Katana, Tactical Kukri, Tiger Patina Tracker Knife, Crimson Web Huntsman, Knock-Knock (fireaxe) , a Damascus Steel Bowie Knife, and more. 

I'm going to continually push more weapons into this pack as I make them, and I'll also be creating more unique weapons/dungeons, because it's fun. 

Please report any issues you have to me in the comments or bugs section right away, I'll fix it I swear

Also, user submitted screenshots are always welcome! I love getting this, and I'll pop your name in the bottom right and put them in the official mod screenshots if they're really pretty. 

Please don't ask where to find shit. 

Do you like compatible mods? I do.

Check out Better Locational Damage. There's an Extra weapons patch that covers every current weapon in MCAM. Pretty sweet. 

Also, if you're a fan of having lots of melee enemies but having guns be more rare, check out No Guns Allowed (NGA). It works well with this mod.

Hey, unable to find any of the weapons? No problem.

This button here was added in the most recent update for those of you that can't resist installing fifty mods a day. Press it if you don't see the weapons spawning anymore. Don't overuse it though. Seriously. It does not make things more common, it just adds them to the lists where they should be. 

- I can't find ___ anywhere and I've killed 8000 raiders

- Look harder. 
Unless you're looking for a unique, if you're looking for a unique, here's a link to a really big map with unique locations. 

If you want to know what level things spawn at, here's a google sheets document

- This weapon isn't showing up, raiders don't spawn with it, but they spawn with another weapon. 

- Yes it is. 

- i cnt fnd the weapin pls giv me code so i can spawn it in gaem

- help [weapon name] 0 weap
- player.additem [code from above]

- This texture is too clean, I require dirty.

- Abraxo Cleaner. Get on my level.

- I love you so much that I want to support you in every way I can, but I also am poor. 

- Check out my other mods, or my twitter/youtube pages. Give Nick and I some love, it's much appreciated! :)


- It's on beth.net. Just go look

- What script did you use to add these to leveled lists? I'm a mod author and I would like to do the same.

- Here's my script, I put it into a quest that runs when you install the mod so it only runs once. 

You will have to change the variable names and items they're attached to if you want to make it work with your own items. 

I have no desire to keep this a secret. It's super simple, and I would prefer everyone used this method, as it would eliminate the need for bashed patches, which consoles can't use.