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Adds a fully customizable AK-74M, AKM and AK-12 assault rifles to the game. Guns added to the Level list 

Due to the changes made to Fallout 4 and the Creation Kit in the most recent update, this mod will only work properly in games patched to version 1.10.163+

Bethesda, UrbanRanger88 has permission to port my mod to Xbox.

The pistol grip can disappear
This is a Fallout bug, i have no idea how to fix it

Akinaro - Razor AMG UH-1 Sight, ZenitCo Perst-3, ZenitCo RK-3, Pilad Brevis, NPZ PO156, Pufgun magazine, ZenitCo Sport-1, Sport-12 and Sport-12U Handguards, Rotor43 Handguard, CAA G47 Pistol Grip
anonx1987 - ZenitCo B-33 Dust Cover and ZenitCo B-30+31C Handguard
ajuhorov - AK-12, Fab Defense Stock and Pistol Grip, Plastic Pistol Grip
Badanin Anton - AK-74M, CAA Tube Adapter, ZenitCo B-10M, 6L31 mag
VectorAU - DTKP ZenitCo Putnik
3DGunsmith - ZenitCo PT-3 Stock
Defess - ZenitCo RP-1 Charging Handle
Dima Suvorov - SLR Handguard, KeyMo Muzzle
Elena Bolshevykh - AK12 Magazine
Ferengar - Ultimak gastube
Ivailo Ivanov - AK103 Magazine, AK200 Muzzle
New World Interactive - PK-AS Sights
Florian Neumann - Fortis Shift grip
Fiddler Green - Animations
garkain - Pilad P1x42
michambret - Armacon Rail, PBS-1
Golden Darknezz and TheBigLidowski - Ammo models from Armament
Oh Beer - Vendetta Precision VP-09 Muzzle Brake, BelOMO PK-06
ParallaxGameStudios - Fortis Shift Short grip
r_populik - PBS-4 Silencer
Johannes Bazaryan - PWS CQB Muzzle, ZenitCo DTK-1
toxasharipov81 - ZenitCo Perst-4 Laser Sight
Sam61 - Rakurs-PM Sight, ZenitCo 2DS textures by Street-You
samindeed - EKP-8-18 Sight
Street-You - PSO-1, US Palm AK30, Valday PS-320 Sight, 1P87 and 1P90, ZenitCo DTK-1L, DTK-2, DTK-3 Muzzle, OKP Sight, ZenitCo PT-1 Stock, ZenitCo RK-0, RK-2, RK-4, RK-6 Vertical grip, ZenitCo B-9M Mount, ZenitCo B-13, ZenitCo M-1, ZenitCo RL-1, ZenitCo PNP-2, ZenitCo 2P Klesh, AK-105 Muzzle and Gasblock, Magpul Moe and Zhukov Handguards, MRVI Stock, Armacon Stock, AKMS Stock Adapter, AK Plastic Stock and Handguard, Skeletal Stock, AK100 Handguard, Magpul P-Mags
Synap - Laser Sight
IceStormNG - Cubemaps
Vadim Spiridonov - TGPA
ZRaider - EOTech EXPS-3, Holosun HS510C, AKM and attachments
BigBro - Beautiful reticles
Yung Pr1nce - Beautiful Sounds
UrbanRanger88 - Xbox port

Nickheggo, Nova, Jed, Chikadoz, JonySnowball, Krug, Cruci, Fory, JesusOden, Street-You, Ardent