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Adds an all new custom animated Fallout friendly sniper rifle to the game, complete with all power armor animations and various cosmetic customizations.

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The fifth addition to the Select series, the Select Marksman Rifle, a quick little rifle found in a demolished home close to the Glowing Sea. Like the other Select weapons, this one isn't a real world weapon and was designed to fit the universe in a lore friendly way.
Features some of the usual weapon modifications, paint jobs, and all. You can even customize the body texture separately from the metal accents. The video below shows some of the customization options. My favorite is the Red Stained Wood with Bronze accent trim!

This weapon was actually a community effort created by my YouTube subscribers and Facebook followers! Last time we made the Heavy Select Shotgun. This time around, we put together a big list of possible weapon options and everyone voted for their favorite features. We combined them to make up the idea of basically a new Hunting Rifle but with moving parts of some kind... We will definitely do it again so check out the links. See poll below to see the top voted for features this time around.

The weapon can be found inside the wreckage of a demolished home just outside the Glowing Sea. The sixth and seventh photo above shows it's location in there as well as a map position.

Once obtained for the first time, the weapon can be crafted at a Chemistry Bench under SEL. MARK. RIFLE.

This weapon is fully animated for both 1st person and 3rd person, as well as 1st person and 3rd person Power Armor.

For console commands: 'help select 4 weap' or use XX000F99

They can also be legendary, the Select Marksman Rifle was added to the random Legendary roll. Starts showing up at level 25.

Installs like any other mod. No DLC or Mod requirements. Install with NMM/Vortex or enable through the Mods menu in Fallout 4.

Vanilla compatibility: This mod makes a persistent edit to an unnamed worldspace cell but doesn't break precombined.
Mod compatibility: For mod patches, (Horizon, AWKR whatever lol, etc) contact me should you make your own for upload to the Nexus so I can post links below.
For Mod Authors: This mod uses 'SSNIP' as the shorthand for all form ID's and file paths.

Available patches:
None yet


07-02-2021 | Initial Upload -1.0