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BR77 (Battle Rifle 77) is a scratch built custom weapon for Fallout 4

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I'm back did anyone miss me? It has been just a little over a year since I released my first weapon mod (mod in general for that matter) but I am happy to say the wait is over for round 2 at last. Before I even released the ACR-W17 I knew this weapon was next in line that I wanted to create. I learned a lot when making my first weapon mod and this time around I was hoping to have it done sooner but there was a lot of work to do and in the end it just happened to take a long time to put all together. I pretty much improved upon and/or completely redesigned what I had done with the ACR for this weapon. Starting back at square one and from complete scratch I took all the challenges I faced from the first one and built upon it to hopefully make a weapon that is more solid and fine tuned from the get-go. Many of the favorite features are back including a ton of new options to customize as well. I want to say thanks to all those who had downloaded and are still enjoying my first weapon mod, I do believe you will end up enjoying this one just as much so without further delay ...

The BR77 or more commonly known as Battle Rifle 77 is a fictional variant based off of the fictional video game weapon the BR (Battle Rifle) from the game Halo. More specifically my version of the gun is loosely based off of the Halo 2 and 3 era design. Everything is scratch built and no reference to Halo is mentioned in the game so need not worry about any copyright issues with this. I carefully modeled and designed my version to be its own gun and separate from Halo. Similar to the ACR I made that was based off of the Modern Warfare 2 ACR that is pretty much where the similarities stop with this Battle Rifle too. Before we dive into all the details of what is actually offered with this gun you first need to obtain it. There are several ways to go about this once you load the mod and have started Fallout 4:


- The first way is to spawn it in. Using the console key ` type 'help br77 4' and then add your BR77 from the listed from ID.

- You can find the weapon placed in the world in a house in Sanctuary:

-Use the mod In-Game ESP Explorer to add the weapon to your inventory (you can also get any attachments or unlocks from this easily too if you choose to avoid the progression system the weapon has)

-Wait until you reach level 5 or higher in the game and the weapon will start to appear in vendors and on enemies

Now that you have your Battle Rifle the next few categories will go over all the fun features and options. These features are truly what will make your weapon become a character in its own right as the amount of stuff you can control and customize on the weapon will take a bit to break down.

From first impressions in its most basic form it looks like a Halo BR, shoots like a Halo BR, and sounds like one. However, this weapon is meant to be so much more if you choose to build it that way. With so many different weapon attachments and customization options available you pretty much can make this into a weapon that is completely not from Halo or stay within the Halo designs if you so choose and that is the point. Want to make it a classic Halo BR? Done. How about the Halo Reach Designated Marksmen Rifle (DMR)? Done. Halo 4/5 Battle Rifle design? Done. Want something completely out there and not from any of the Halo games? Also done. With so many different attachments and customization options to choose from you can pretty much make a ridiculous amount of  configurations, so many this brief animated gif doesn't even show half of what you could create:

Here is a breakdown of all the features and attachments included with this weapon: (If you want to know what each attachment does descriptions are listed in the workbench)


Core features:
Custom Textures - Yes
Scratch made Meshes -
Custom Animations - Yes
Custom Sounds - Yes
Burst Fire mode - Yes
Dynamic Ammo Counter Display - Yes
Scope Framework Compatibility - Yes
Level list script injection - Yes

Standard Light
Standard Heavy
Standard Reinforced
Hardened Light
Hardened Heavy
Hardened Reinforced
Superior Light
Superior Heavy
Superior Reinforced

Short Barrel
Short v2 Barrel
Long Barrel
DMR Barrel
High Caliber Barrel
Advanced Barrel

Short Stock
Extended Stock
Light Stock
Light Stock Folded
Ergo Stock Short
Ergo Stock Long
Tactical Stock

Small Mag
Small Fast mag
Extended Mag
Extended Fast mag
Drum Mag (99 rounds)
Drum Mag

Iron Sights V1, v2, v3, v4, Extended, Glows
Reflex Sight
Holographic Sight
Acog (Scoped)
Acog v2
Night Vision

Default Grip
DMR Grip
Advanced Grip
Foregrip v1, v2, v3

Top Rails:
Default Rail
Light Rail
DMR Rail
Assault Rail
Heavy Rail
Advanced Rail



Laser Sights
Combat Knife
Ammo Counter Color
Glow Colors
Component Sensor

If you have used my ACR weapon then this might sound like a familiar feature to you. With the ACR I had something called 'Weapon Prestige'. As you earned kills with the weapon you would be rewarded with new unlocked attachments and weapon camos in the workbench that you could craft. The higher level in kills you got with the weapon the more useful the attachments would be. This time for the BR77 this feature is back but slightly different and with a new name too. Now it is known as 'Weapon Proficiency'. With Weapon Proficiency as you earn kills with the BR77 you will unlock camos and a new feature known as abilities instead of weapon attachments. Taking feedback from the ACR's unlock system this one has been tweaked and improved to provide an even more user friendly and hopefully fun system. You will still need to earn quite a few kills to reach the higher tier abilities and camos but it has been balanced so early play you won't feel like you need a ridiculous amount of kills to get the ball rolling. To make it easier to know where you are in the progress of said unlocks and what is going to be unlocked next there is now a visual quest you can track in the pipboy. This quest will first appear after the mod has been installed for the first time. Each step of the quest will tell you how many kills for next unlock and even what you had previously unlocked. Now lets dive into this new feature called abilities.

Abilities are unlocks you will earn as you gradually use the BR77 more and earn more kills with it. Only kills that are earned with a BR77 weapon are tracked towards the progress of this quest. An ability when equipped to the BR77 will give you the player extra bonuses. Depending on what type of abilities you attach they can range anywhere from giving you health regen to being able to sprint and jump higher. Keep in mind similar to how only kills will track when using a BR77 the BR77 must also be equipped for any ability to be active.

There are currently as of release a total of 12 different abilities to choose from. Each of these abilities has 4 levels, each level of that ability being more powerful than the last. You can only attach 4 of them at once and each ability is designated to a specific slot (4 total slots). For example take the ability called Warlord. As the image shown below demonstrates when you add a higher level of the ability the background block begins to fill in. At level 4 this is the maximum and most powerful version of any ability:

At the beginning most of the abilities will only help you minimally. It is not until the higher levels where you will really start to see powerful advantages and even then it will take you a long time to unlock. I intended that many will be available to you in the end game essentially. Here is a chart showing each ability plus what slot they each reside in:

Breakdown for what each Weapon Proficiency will do when attached to the BR77: (Note: The weapon must be equipped as well for the abilities to be active)


Field Medic - Heal slowly over time. At higher levels heal quicker, recover from radiation, and even heal slowly in combat.
Warlord - Do more damage and take less damage.
Scavenger - Carry Weight increased.
Tactician - Action points raised and regen quicker.
Assassin - Become harder for enemies to detect you, at higher levels you nearly become invisible to most.
Brawler - Do more powerful melee damage.
Speed Runner - Sprint and jumper higher.
Sharpshooter - Weapon has more stability and less recoil when firing.
Perfectionist - Critical hits occur more often.
Shock and Awe - Do explosive damage from each bullet fired. Higher levels stagger larger enemies too.
Elemental Fighter - Each bullet does elemental damage (radiation, shock, fire, etc).
Ordnance - Reload speed is faster and mag capacity is raised.

Weapon camos are back and this time there is even more. It is mainly why the full version of the mod is just so large. The amount of customization for just the camos to choose from is huge. There are 3 categories of weapon camos: Base, Custom, and Unlocks. Base camos are the basic colors for the BR77 (black and grey). These are available right at the start for you to craft once you meed the requirements. Here are the Base Camo options as seen below:

The Second category of Camos are called 'Custom Slots' These 18 slots are for camos that only cover part of the weapon. Similar to the Base camos these too are available at the start. The big difference between these and the Base ones are Custom Camos come in a set. After the mod releases you will be able to download a different set to replace the custom slot that comes with the mod (Solid Colors set comes with the mod). With each pack you will have more options and as time goes by more packs will be available to choose from. Here are the current packs available right now:

The final camo category is the Unlock Set. These camos will only begin to appear in the workbench as you progress with the BR77 kills quest. This is the same feature the ACR had in unlocking new camos. Unlike the other camo categories these camos fully cover the weapon too. Here is the chart for those:

As with any mod despite best efforts to fix any and every bug that is found its literally impossible to do so. Sometimes fixing a bug might break another more important feature, the bug just can't be fixed due to engine issues with Fallout 4 itself, or the some cases with ones listed below I simply don't know how to fix them. This section will always list any issues that are already known so if you see it occur in-game yes I am well aware of the problem but unfortunately cannot or have not been able to fix it.

Note: A fix for the issue for the weapon becoming semi-transparent on the ground when dropped has been found. Will be fixed in a future update version.

If you find a new bug be sure to report it in the 'bugs' section. Please make sure to read all current issues that are logged there already though. Duplicate work items that are filed will be closed or removed. If you file a bug also be sure to be as clear and concise in repro steps, if necessary screenshots showing the issue helps as well.

Q: Do I need Fallout 4 Script Extender for this weapon?
A: Only for the versions that have the real ammo counter (The download page states which ones)

Q: When I install the weapon I see there are conflicts for a file called PersistantSubgraphInfoAndOffsetData.txt and WeaponLLInject.pex that another weapon I
have uses.

A: This is okay and you can allow another gun to overwrite these files or let my weapon overwrite those files.

Q: So ... about an xbox version can I haz?
A: As with all my other mods I really am only focusing on pc where I mod and play Fallout 4. If I were to port this to Xbox I couldn't do the full version due to file size, also the ammo counter requires Fallout 4 Script Extender which Xbox does not have.

Q: Can you make a ESL version?
A: The mod is too large to convert to a ESL. The error "The active file currently contains one ID above the maximum value for a small file ..." occurs. Attempting to compact the form ID's breaks all my animation subgrapghs as well.

Q: Can I make a video/review about your mod?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I take content from your gun and alter/reupload it?
A: Please talk to me first if there is something you want to alter and re-upload on the nexus that requires one of the original files in this mod. I don't really want 52 different variants of my gun all over the place. If you are looking to make patches and stuff though feel free.

Q: When I fire the fun the game freezes every time.
A: You might be playing the game on an old hard drive. The ammo counter with the weapon will cause stuttering for users on older hardware. If you are in this situation make sure to download the fake ammo counter version. You won't have a real time ammo counter but it fixes the stuttering. It is recommended to have a SSD or faster HDD to be able to use the real ammo counter.

Q: When I equip the flashlight it doesn't seem to work and acts like the pipboy flashlight, what is wrong?
A: This is another wonderful bug from Fallout 4. Basically it sometimes overrides the parameters of my flashlight. The best way to fix it is remove all attachments you have on the gun that have a light associated with them (laser sight, component sensor, and flashlight). Then attach your items back on the gun BUT attach the flashlight last. This usually fixes the issue for me whenever I see it appear.

Q: Help! Some of the textures on the gun like the gold camo seem to be dull. What is wrong?
A: This is a really simple fix which is not actually a bug from my gun but Fallout 4 itself. Some reason Fallout 4 has a bug where the cubemaps will not load in. So you may have to start the game again (I've had to restart it 3 times one time) to get the cubemaps to work correctly.

Q: I dropped the weapon and it became invisible, what happened?
A: This is a known issue I would love to fix. I am not sure what is causing this but if you know please contact me. If the gun does stay invisible forever after dropped simply reload your save and it should appear again. I suspect it has something to do will collision but all of the collision for the weapon was custom made and doesn't cause any issues.

Q: I don't really like your animations/sounds/textures/models/etc. Can you change these?
A: Sorry to disappoint you on the quality in one aspect or another but I made everything from scratch. I will not and cannot use copyright material so everything on this gun was made strictly by me. I did the best I could with the time I had and outside of 3d modeling and textures the sounds and animations were just a fun aspect to do that I have not spent nearly as much time doing as a hobby like 3d modeling. I don't expect everyone will like the way the gun sounds or how it was animated but I did it all on my own so please don't be too hard on me. I cannot stress enough how much work it really was to make this single gun. The amount of tools, knowledge, processes, and time it takes is pretty absurd now that I have gone through the entire rigor from start to finish.

Q: I attached 'X' to the weapon and now the fire rate seems much faster than it should be.
A: I isolated this to some odd bug with Fallout 4 where sometimes when I would attach a different item on the weapon (like a different mag size) the firing rate would all of the sudden be really fast. The fix for this is to simply reload your save file.

Q: My gun is invisible or has pink textures, how do I fix this?
A: Make sure to follow this guide: Here

BR77 Development:
3D Modeling: N7R
Textures: N7R
Sound recording and mastering for gun sound effects: N7R
Animations: N7R
Creation Kit hookup: N7R
Ammo counter script/setup: NovaFinch and schrivener07
Scope Framework UI: NovaFinch

BR77 early access testers:


Special Thanks:
Many people who did not directly work on the mod in any way but contributed is some form or fashion that I found extremely valuable in helping me make my weapon mod better. Many of them contributed in ways such as (but not limited to): Created a tutorial, answered questions, or made a tool/plugin for mod authors to use.

WastelandMelody (Reddit)
The Shiny Haxorus (Youtube)
GmCee aka: Skibadaa (Youtube)
Gerokeymaster (Youtube)
ajhakra (Beth.net)
a_blind_man (Nexus)
MakeCG (Nexus)
ShadeAnimator (Nexus)
Necrocytosis (Nexus)
ehtyeci (Nexus)
AsXas (Nexus)
The Tea Wolf (Youtube)

Thank you to all who provide tools, resources, and tutorials. They really do make a big difference because this gun is a result of that. So whenever you are creating a tutorial it really does make a big difference in helping others make mods.

Round 2 is now completed and I feel I've come a long way from when I created my first weapon mod. I am quite happy with the BR77 and how it turned out. As of now the weapon is complete and unless some major issues are found I will not be needing to update it anymore. I will however be releasing camo packs for the custom slots in the future though so be sure to visit from time to time.

While this weapon mod is done I've still got a lot of ideas and know what I want to make next (the next several weapons actually). From here on out all my future weapons will not be inspired from existing video game weapons but rater completely fictional in their origin. I definitely would love to see my next weapon mod come out sooner than a year but who knows, it really depends on when I get the work done and feel the mod is ready for release. I have no doubt just like the gap between the ACR and this BR77 several other mods in-between will release too so if you like my other work I will be focusing on some of that from time to time.

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