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Not a little patch or addon, but pack of swords and katana animations inspired by Cyberpunk 2077

Permissions and credits
-Animations, two- and one-handed(same as two-handed but right hand only)
-Several sword variants and modifications.
-ESLfied ESP(so it won't eat game's plugin budget of 256 mods)
-BA2 Archived
-Brand new bugs

Visit ruined sword museum near Swan Lake, maybe you'll be lucky enough to find something which wasn't looted yet. 

-kaiyi97ArtieeeVSV_0Arnold KonradArmored InteractiveiceboxX708Arjun PerayilHarryFanHeSky_HunterEfarysDaDioDaDabarioosisyamozukuArtieeeSuperiorWallenstainRoman Redizm87abiyasamusyafaKangaroOz 3DRamhatm00ntaស្នាដៃមិត្តខ្ញុំ- My friend's achievementLisnik234
-toounx for 3rd person animations for two-handed

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